Spring has sprung here in full force! It's time to put aside our heavy sweaters and winter boots as the days grow brighter and longer. However, as is customary when it comes to organizing our spring/summer wardrobes, we discover a dearth of transition pieces to assist us get through the interim. Especially as Easter Sunday is coming, we’re all eager to get a new style of look.

Although the weather has improved, there is still enough of a chill in the evenings that our pretty little summer shirts and dresses aren't quite enough. We don't want to have to replace our entire wardrobe, which is why versatile pieces are so useful during these transitional months.

We're here to gently lead you through what would be a perfect jumping-off point for your seasonal closet switch in order to get you ready for summer, both physically and figuratively.


Monochromatic styles are classic and always flattering; besides, there are several combinations and accessories to experiment with. Wear a white top with a black slip dress for a foolproof combo, or white jeans with a patterned shirt and a white jacket.

Jeans and a shirt with a blazer 

If you want to dress up an outfit, start with jeans and a shirt and add a beautiful blazer on top. You'll have a polished appearance in no time. Some items we recommend are the Abrams Long Sleeves Top with the Mercury Straight Jeans and Grandy Flap Pockets Blazer for a hassle-free sleek and bright look.

Goodbye dark florals, hello big, bright florals

Dark flowers might make you feel heavy, which is the last thing you want in such a joyous month as summer. Instead of darker patterns, go for bright and vibrant flowers that will put a smile on your face as well as everyone else's who passes you on the street. Embrace a feminine look to join Easter Sunday get-together with the A Love In Bloom Floral Mini Dress, or try changing up your style with a bolder but comfy look featuring the Vacation Blazer.

Switch out wool pants for colorful slip dresses

This may sound obvious, and it is, but instead of being irritated that we're asking you to put all your wool items away for the summer, be grateful for what we're telling you to replace them with. We can't stop talking about multicolored silk slip dresses this year. These dresses, in vibrant colors and soft pastels, will undoubtedly replace all of your hard denim come summer's scorching heat.

Trousers with a light formal look for Easter Sunday

It doesn't matter if the trousers are cigarette pants, ankle-grazers, or culottes; I favor the thin cut style. It's the content that counts. Light fabrics, such as cotton, ensure that this type of outfit will serve you well throughout the summer, not only during this transition phase.

So, if you want to dress for comfort while still looking like you’ve just got back from a fashion show on this upcoming Easter Sunday 2022, this is what you should wear. We hope our recommendations have given you some hot inspos to help you give your closet a smooth seasonal transition. Join our fashion journey this exciting new season by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for chicest fashion updates every week!

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