Jané By O'Hara

Effortless sophistication defines the Jané by O'Hara brand. Dresses, sets and separates showcase refined styles in breathable fabrics. Relaxed contours and considered craftsmanship flatter with discreet allure. Inner calmness awakens through each dignified creation, polished for celebrating everyday feminine symmetry.
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Keelin Beige Set MEAN BLVD

Keelin Beige Set

The outfit is a basic beige combination but impressed with the amazing sleeves design. The youthfulness and elegance are expressed impressively in every delicate detail. High-quality tweed material is used...
Eser Short Sleeves Dress MEAN BLVD

Eser Shirt Collared Neck Cotton Midi Dress

A perfect choice when you don't know what to wear - This charming dress will save your day thanks to its casual form and details. Designed simply but still know...
Aine Linen Set MEAN BLVD

Aine Linen Set

More length, and more elegant, the outfit is impressed by blue-violet vintage skirts and white sleeveless shirts, this set will make ladies feel like walking through time with a design...
Maris Cropped Set MEAN BLVD

Maris Cropped Set

An outfit that is perfect for lazy but still wants to cool office ladies. High quality tweed material is designed with an elegant shawl lapel and pleated seams, created a...
Alana Sleeveless Dress MEAN BLVD

Alana Pleated Sleeveless Silk Midi Dress

Old but gold - The dress with a pure white and classic long-form will be a perfect match for every occasion. The pleated skirt created a moderate shine for the...
Willow Silk Set MEAN BLVD

Willow Silk Set

Soft like a big white cloud, the set with long sleeves shirt and comfortable shorts will soften your day. Delicate floral patterns are adorned on a light and soft silk...
Kiera Bowtie Dress MEAN BLVD

Kiera Pegged V-Neck Cotton Midi Dress

Not too much to make ladies overdressing, this dress is perfectly enough with standing out details - white bow tie and a fitted form dress, which helped to honor every...

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