Lavish Vagary Collection - Klei Studio

Discover avant-garde selections for the daring dresser. Varied silhouettes blend unprecedented forms with premium materials. Peruse intricately made statement pieces accentuating individuality through ingenious reinterpretations of current trends.
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Thad Cropped Blazer MEAN BLVD

Thad Cropped Jacket

Both youthful, glamorous and luxurious, which is what the shirt gives to the wearer. High-quality jean material helped to make the product durable with time and exuded the wearer's personality....
Maddie Cropped Jacket MEAN BLVD

Maddie Cropped Jacket

Youthful and elegant with a classic plain white tone and a cropped form, the jacket still brings an irresistible attraction to the wearer through a backless design that makes people...
Sofia Sleeveless Dress MEAN BLVD

Sofia Sleeveless Dress

The dress looks simple with a plain blue tone but created an impressive visual effect with a novelty and harmonious combination of a one-shoulder design and diagonal seams. Note:*Processing time...
Jean Cropped Top MEAN BLVD

Jean Cropped Top

A bold design that is a great choice for women who are passionate about sexiness. With just a crisscross design, the item exudes both youthfulness and makes the wearer more...
Kesy Cross Over Flap Skirt MEAN BLVD

Kesy Cross Over Flap Skirt

Possesses a novelty crossover flap, the skirt created a willowy feminine look while still showing off the elegance and personality of the wearer. A novelty look of the product will...
Lavell Wide Legs Pants MEAN BLVD

Lavell Wide Legs Pants

Possesses a flared design with wide legs and clearly stitch seams, the pants bring a little dusty look to the outfit that exudes the wearer's personality and youthfulness. High-quality material...
Varga Peak Lapel Blazer MEAN BLVD

Varga Peak Lapel Blazer

Possesses a blazer's classic details with peak lapels and flap pockets this is a must-have item for girls who are passionate about menswear style. Pintucks and triangular buttons bring a...
Wexler Multi Belt Crop Top MEAN BLVD

Wexler Multi Belt Crop Top

Exudes the dynamic and youthfulness of the modern ladies with a multi-belt crop top design. Signature triangular buttons combined with delicate stitch seams contribute to enhancing the wearer's personality and...

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