Lovey Dovey Collection - Lam Khue Design

This collection features unique dresses perfect for those hoping to feel like a romance novel protagonist. Featuring puffy sleeves, delicate florals, and softly draping silhouettes, each piece is crafted to endow the wearer with a sweetly feminine and delicately charming aesthetic fit for strolling through storybook forests.
فرز حسب:
Winona Back Bowtie Dress MEAN BLVD

Winona A-line Long Sleeved Organza Mini Dress

The dress is designed to be unique and equally attractive. The skirt part is meticulously handcrafted, the puffy sleeves feel like a muse in a fairy tale. The highlight is...
Giovanni Puffy Sleeves Dress MEAN BLVD

Giovanni Bubble Puffy Sleeved Organza Mini Dress

Inspiration from roses in full bloom, the sweetheart dress creates a sense of slender shoulders, the puffy sleeves designed to be spread like a gentle winding leaf, very delicate and...
Barone Halter Neckline Dress MEAN BLVD

Barone Tulip Halter Neck Organza Mini Dress

The dress with an extremely fancy halter neckline and a design that exalts the femininity and nobility of the wearer will be an item that everyone around can't take their...
Anne Short Sleeves Dress MEAN BLVD

Anne A-line Short Sleeved Taffeta Mini Dress

For a long time, the white color has been an endless source of inspiration for artisans to create artistic and sophisticated designs. The flowers attached to the chest create a...
Christine Open Shoulder Dress MEAN BLVD

Christine Layered Illusion Neck Silk Mini Dress

The dress is simple, sophisticated, and outstanding. Luxurious nude color and designed with open shoulder, fitted waist, layered ruffle skirt creates a perfect body shape when dressed up. The dress...
Anita V-Neck Dress MEAN BLVD

Anita Drop Waist V-Neck Organza Mini Dress

The highlight of this dress is youth and fresh color and the sophisticated combination of flowers and beads, creating a unique, luxurious, and attractive whole at first sight. The layered...
Alexandra Gathered Ruffle Dress MEAN BLVD

Alexandra A-line Short Sleeved Organza Mini Dress

This elegant and youthful design with basic white tones but is no less outstanding than with the typical pattern. The stylized neckline with a bow on the back emphasizes femininity....

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