For many Asian cultures, the Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important event. This time, the Year of the Tiger will start as February begins, and in the 12-year sequences, this Chinese zodiac is ranked third. Since Tiger symbolizes authority, strength, agility and bravery, the Lunar New Year fashion 2022 is also infused with elegance, sophistication and boldness. Statement-making patterns, landscape paintings, and tweed material are among the latest styles for this occasion. Here are our 3 favorite Lunar New Year fashion trends so you can strike every single day of the holiday. 

Start the first day of the Lunar New Year fashion in pattern print

Beginning the first day of the Lunar New Year in a pattern print outfit is like making a boldest statement, and we believe you need that for your new year's resolutions. Whether it's a taffeta set in royal prints that reminds you of the golden age of the Tsar, or a traditional ao dai set scattered with soft spring flowers, you can never go wrong. Allow us to give you a boost to your head start with the dedicate Lynette Floral Ao Dai and the Cranston Taffeta Set:

The best Lunar New Year designs are landscape paintings 

There is something quite nostalgic about the technique of mixing arts with fashion designs, especially this Golren Peak Lapel Dress which features an ink painting of Vietnam's most famous scenic destination, one of the worlds' natural wonders - Ha Long Bay. For a more modernized option, turn yourself into a walking work of art with the Drusilla Princess Set. A sumptuous and lyrical aesthetic is achieved by combining current painting with various texture techniques.

Stay in the Lunar New Year trends with tweed dress

Many might argue that tweed belongs exclusively to winter collections. Despite its certain heaviness, when being combined with soft, feminine designs, tweed is possibly the best material for those chilly early spring days. Here are our two recommendations, a midi dress that sketches the image of a noble, elegant lady and a mini version which might give off a more youthful feeling. Whether it's the Ratih Long Sleeves Tweed Dress or the Lynskey Round Neck Dress, you are ready to take on the role of a refined, sophisticated fashion icon.

The Spring Festival is right around the corner, and we want to make sure that your closets are ready to start taking up fresh challenges with the best Lunar New Year fashion. Not just the first days of the holiday season, we hope you can flaunt all day, everyday. Friendly reminders, every time you wake up, it's a new fashion show to conquer. Join our fashion journey this exciting new year by following us on Facebook and Instagram.


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