If you've turned into a professional Zoom dresser (definition: someone who wears sweatpants and a rotating assortment of shirts all the time), you could surely use some getting-ready ideas for this summer.

But if there's any lesson we learned from last year, it's that our old outfits of hard pants and tight tops aren't going to cut it this year. Whether you're walking through the farmers' market or returning to the workplace, comfort has supplanted style as the most crucial factor to consider when piecing together a perfect 'fit.

How to look good in comfy clothes?

Let's face it: you'd prefer to stay at home and be a couch potato than go out in an outfit that makes you uncomfortable. (As well as us.) The best part of recent trends is that loungewear has advanced significantly over the last several years. Not only are there many alternatives, but loose, comfortable clothing is really rather fashionable. You won't have to slip into something more comfy to go from a day outside with your buddies to collapsing into the couch.

To look good in looser, more comfortable clothes, it all comes down to proportioning your overall look. If you’re going for an oversized top, pair it with more fitting pants, but since we are looking for comfort, opt for soft materials like cotton or silk. Skirts are also a great substitute if you just want an easy item to slip into, literally. Vice versa, if a tighter shirt suits your eyes that day, pick out wide-leg pants with a straight cut to balance out your ensemble.


Comfy summer outfit ideas

Summer is the season where we all want to put aside fashion to stick with comfort. But just hold your thoughts before reaching for your worn out sweats and tees, we have curated an inspiration list for your summer wardrobe, so you can both look good and feel good.

While you may be looking for the latest styles and trends, keep in mind that the essentials will always be needed in your wardrobe. A summer wardrobe should include stylish and flexible pieces that will make you feel and look beautiful wherever you go. Summer clothes should be composed of breathable materials such as cotton, made to appear vibrant and outgoing, and most importantly, comfortable to wear when it's hot outside, and can match with a variety of outfits.

Midi dress

A midi dress in the summer is a must-have since it's ageless, beautiful, and casual enough to throw on in the morning without much thinking, no matter where you’re heading to.


Button-down + shorts

Button-down and shorts is an effortlessly chic combination that can never go wrong.

Mini dress

What’s summer fashion without a mini dress? It’s cute, comfortable and convenient, it’s everything you can ask for to build a perfect casual outfit.

Floral maxi dress

A floral maxi dress is a staple for beach fashion. Even if you’re not planning to spend your day at the beach, this type of dress is still a great choice to look stylish while participating in any outdoor activity.


Plain maxi dress

Opposite to the bold look floral maxis give you, plain maxi dresses are ideal when you want to tone down your outfits a bit. Don’t worry that your appearance might seem dull in a plain maxi dress, actually this type of dress can help you show up as sleek and high-fashion.


Sleeveless top + trousers

As our dressing tips already mentioned above, a tight-fitting sleeveless top and wide-leg trousers is surely a match made in heaven.

Button-down + jeans

For a more modest, more formal look, alternate shorts for a pair of long jeans with your button-down.


Pleated skirt

Pleated skirts are just a glamorized version of grandma clothes, but don’t hesitate to pick it out from your closet, because pleated midis are on the rise this season.

Mini skirt

The mini skirt is, without a doubt, a sign of a woman's delicacy. When it's too hot to put on jeans throughout the summer, this essential is a must-have.


The camisole is a wardrobe staple that comes in a range of fabrics and designs. There's nothing a camisole can't offer: try a sensual, slinky cami for a night of partying, or layer a jacket on top for a work-appropriate appearance.

We hope our guide has given you some helpful tips and inspirations to look good while dressing for comfort, so you can truly enjoy your Easter Sunday get-together with your friends, family and loved ones, without any complications from your outfits. Join our fashion journey this exciting new season by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for chicest fashion updates every week!


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