With the recent release of the second season of Emily in Paris, fashion lovers are eager to see what looks the show’s famous stylist Patricia Field and costume designer Marylin Fitoussi have put together. Following on from the highly successful and fashionable first season, we were excited to see more high-end fashion in season two with a classic yet romantic feel. Which Emily in Paris character does your style most align with? We’ve put together our favourite looks from each and added shoppable links from MEAN BLVD so you can re-create the styles.


Emily’s style has evolved in season two, however we love that she still wears colourful and quirky looks that perfectly match her personality and attitude about life. One of the most notable elements of her style are statement pieces, and she frequently combined more than one statement piece to achieve a maximalist look. The stylist and costume designer frequently dressed her in a Hollywood glam look with a mixture of vintage and designer pieces. Her look is very individual, bold, and colourful. We’ve selected looks from our collections that are the perfect mixture of femininity and brave styling for your spring fashion.


We must say, we think Mindy’s style evolved the most in the second season. Now that Mindy has transitioned from a nanny into a performer with her newfound band, her outfits are sexy and confident, and they certainly emulate her energy and presence while she sings. A lot of her outfits are exaggerated, especially because she is performing on the streets of Paris and needs to be able to capture her audience. We love the mixture of classic looks with an element of eccentricity! The below curated selection from MEAN BLVD is how we would incorporate Mindy’s style into our own spring fashion wardrobes.


Sylvie is your quintessential French and stylish woman. Her looks are always sophisticated and tend to be more on the monochromatic side with a lot of glamourous black dresses, although this season there was an introduction of a lot of rich and beautiful purples to her colour palette. In season two, we see more of the inner workings of her personality and get a look into her personal life, however she still maintains the subdued French aesthetic. Sylvie wears the clothes, they don’t wear her, we love her confidence and the way she accessorises. We’ve selected looks from our collections that we think will help you emulate Sylvie’s look perfectly.


Camille’s style in season two is incredibly chic! Her character’s looks are more on the minimalist side with subtle style that is aligned with the effortless Parisian woman look. There were some more avant-garde looks this season with a blend of feminine chic and masculine tailoring, especially with the inclusion of some oversized silhouettes and strong shoulders, these perfectly complemented her character’s development in the show. When we think of Camille, we think of a cool girl with an understated elegant look, while she also has a slight edge to her looks which keeps them modern and age appropriate. We’ve selected looks from our collections that will help you to incorporate a Camille vibe into your spring fashion.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for your spring fashion looks! Make sure to let us know in the comments below which character you most relate to and who has your favourite style. Make sure to follow us on Facebook [insert link] and Instagram [insert link] for the latest trends and our new collection launches.

*All inspiration images sourced from Netflix.




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