We've all had those days when we're peering into our closets and realizing we have nothing to wear. When you're in a hurry, trying to put together a look may be very frustrating as you keep trying on one look after another with little success. This is why having a few clothing combinations that you know will work is beneficial. We like to have a handful of these ready on our inspiration board to refer to anytime we come across a fashion catastrophe. Here are a few crucial combinations that will ensure you always look great as you leave the house.

A white shirt and jeans 

This is a simple minimalistic look that will never go out of style. The best part is that it's made up entirely of items that we all already have in our closets. You're ready to go with only a pair of your favorite jeans and a crisp white top. Our personal choices are the Harrelson Straight Pants and the Celine Shirt.

Print dresses

When you're wearing fewer clothing, the ones you do put on have to be eye-catchers. A conspicuous pattern, in particular, carries a powerful impact. As a result, a print dress is one of the easiest summer looks to put together. 

All you need are a pair of nude shoes (flats, sandals, or mules, feel free to pick whichever you‘re most confident to rock) to complete the look. With just a striking print dress, you’ll be ready for any outdoor party with only a few pieces of jewelry and sunglasses.

A vibrant top with white trousers 

Adding a pop of color is one of the most easy-to-go ways to create an impressive look (without making too much effort). So, for a never-fail summer look, mix and match a colorful shirt with white pants. Your outfit is practically complete; all you need to do now is add a pair of neutral boots and a statement piece of jewelry, and you're set to go to work or wherever.

Over a dress, add a blazer 

If you have a few favorite dresses in your closet that you feel like have been worn over quite some time, putting a blazer over the top will completely transform the look. A black blazer is one of those accessories that will always come in handy and will quickly dress up and bring together any outfit.

A trench can up practically any look

A trench coat is a versatile addition to any collection. It's a topper that can be worn with a variety of outfits, from the most casual to the most formal. Consider it a lifesaver if you're stumped for what to wear - simply slip it on over any of the outfits you've seen thus far to prevent any extra style issues. Especially as summer is slowly creeping up on us, there’s no better time than now to bust out your fave light trench coat.

Consider this a guide to changing things up in unexpected new ways if you already have at least one piece of each formula in your closet, which we’re pretty sure you do. We hope our recommendations can help you get rid of the frustration of running out of things to wear every morning, especially when you’re heading to a special occasion. Join our fashion journey this exciting new season by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for chicest fashion updates every week!


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