International Women’s Day has established itself as a day of conscience and celebration, and it couldn't be different this year. No matter how you’re spending the 8th - heading to the office, having a special dinner with your friends, participating in a rally, or taking some pictures to mark the date - there’s nothing better than finding the perfect look to celebrate in true style. But how do we come up with the perfect Women’s Day outfit? Well, when it comes to figuring out what to wear, color is a perfect place to begin.

When it comes to a foolproof shade for the occasion, purple is the way to go - after all, it is the official color of the movement, having been used for years to represent justice and symbolize the fight for equality. Similarly, green and white have been and still are used to signify meanings of hope and equality.

Ultimately, any color can be perfect if it’s the one that feels right. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 4 of our favorite looks for every kind of personal style and different commitments your day might bring:

Mabel Draped Top

Opting for comfortable clothes that keep you mobile doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your fashion taste! A simple yet well-fitted top can elevate your look while keeping it out of the way as you spend the way out and about for the cause.

Our Mabel Draped Top does the job, keeping you warm but still looking your best in purple. With a higher, rounded neckline and delicate draping details, this top allows you to put your own personal spin on it - dressing it down with your favorite pair of jeans or taking it up a notch with a skirt and winter boots.

Lizzy Croptop Vest

Pretty in pink, and ready to get the work done. For the feminine woman who means business, our Lizzy Croptop Vest is here to accompany you through it all. Made from a blend of silk and cotton, this modern blazer-like piece keeps you looking extra professional without making you give up your special flair and stylish touch. Pair with your favorite high-rise trousers for all-around comfort and effortless class.

Andy Cropped Trousers 

Green is a perfect choice for your Women’s Day outfit for more than just representing hope for the movement. 2022’s event specifically involved and targets the topics of sustainability and climate change, giving us just another great reason to rock this beautiful shade.

The Andy Cropped Trousers are the perfect piece for heading into the office in empowering International Women’s Day style. As the perfect business chic style for your wardrobe, this incredibly versatile design can easily be paired with your existing collection while still mixing things up. 

Velix Floral Embroidered Dress

A Women’s Day party calls for an extra special outfit - and we have exactly what you need to do it right. Blending purple, green, and white, this beyond elegant look pays ode to the colors that have long represented this important movement, as we continue to make our way forward and fight for more. 

Our Velix Floral Embroidered Dress features feminine, embroidered patterns with a bold yet delicate skirt for balance and personality. It’s all eyes on you and the cause.

More than anything, International Women’s Day is about fighting for a better world and celebrating both ourselves and the special women in our lives, in any way we feel like doing it! Pick your color and get ready to flaunt it.


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