Green Sea Collection - Lam Khue Design

This collection evokes a sense of weightless elegance over the oceanic waves. Floating midi dresses, romantic tops and flowing capes are crafted from sheer materials decorated with delicate beading and embroidery. Ethereal silhouettes transport the wearer to a watery fantasy world.
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Alister Halter Neck Dress MEAN BLVD

Alister Halter Pleated Chest Polyester Ankle Length Dress

A softly and willowy dress that flattered the graceful's beauty of the modern ladies. A sexy halter neck combined with bead embroidered details will be the center of attention. Note:*Processing...
Amelda Puffy Sleeves Dress MEAN BLVD

Amelda Straight Puffy Sleeved Silk Mini Dress

The halter neck design combined with the ruffle drop shoulder created a youthful and romantic look for the product. Sparkling details are attached delicately on layered pleated lines to create...
Clive Halter Dress MEAN BLVD

Clive Halter Sleeveless Silk Mini Dress

A charming dress with a halter neck design shows off the sexy shoulders of the wearer lightly. Sparkling details are attached delicately on layered pleated lines to create a shiny...
Cosima Layered Dress MEAN BLVD

Cosima Layered Sleeveless Mesh Ankle Length Dress

A floating design as a lovely princess with the highlight is floral patterns is adorned delicately on a mesh sheer material. The stylized halter neck combined with a layered design...
Graves Square Neck Dress MEAN BLVD

Graves Layered Square Neck Mesh Midi Dress

Inspired by proms, the dress is elegant and sexy, flattering body's curves. A fitted form enhanced the slimness of the wearer, combined with a ruffle flared skirt that created a...
Imogen Halter Crop Top MEAN BLVD

Imogen Halter Crop Top

A sexy design with a gathered chest and halter neck helped to flatter the beauty of the upper body. Mixed with fresh color, this crop top will be the highlight...
Imogen Mini Skirt MEAN BLVD

Imogen Mini Skirt

An A-line skirt is designed with delicate seams to create a modern beauty intertwined with traditional helped to flatter the beauty of the body's curves. Note:*Processing time takes 10-12 working...
Laura Cami Top MEAN BLVD

Laura Cami Top

A fitted waist top stylized with an expensive highlight is the attached bead asymmetrical bowtie at the chest that created a youthful and modern look for the product. It is...
Laura Flared Pants MEAN BLVD

Laura Flared Pants

Simple and elegant design but is still very outstanding with shiny taffeta material. Combined with Laura Cami Top to complete the youthful and elegant look for the wearer. Note:*Processing time...
Megan Ruffle Layers Pants MEAN BLVD

Megan Ruffle Layers Pants

Harmony combination of softness and modernness, the pants are a great choice for girls who love to be unique. Ruffle lines are adorned delicately on a translucent material to create...
Megan Strappy Top MEAN BLVD

Megan Strappy Top

Designed with a fitted waist form to flatter the slimness of the wearer. The highlight of the product is that the sparkling flower details are attached delicately, making the shirt...
Patrica See Through Cape MEAN BLVD

Patrica See Through Cape

A floating and softly cape designed on a charming neon blue Tulle material brings a flowing feeling and is very suitable for summer beaches. Graceful floral patterns are adorned delicately...
Selina Cami Dress MEAN BLVD

Selina Jumper Cami Silk Mini Dress

The camisole design makes a youthful and elegant look for the wearer, which is a great choice for this summer. Sparkling details are attached delicately on layered pleated lines to...
Vendetta Fall Shoulder Top MEAN BLVD

Vendetta Fall Shoulder Top

A soft and feminity design combined with graceful light pink created a romantic look that will attract every attention. A pleated babydoll form with a puffy drop shoulder brings an...
Vendetta Wide Legs Pants MEAN BLVD

Vendetta Wide Legs Pants

Wide legs pants are stylized with pleated lines to create the softness and a liberal look for the product. A relaxed design brings a floating feeling to the wearer, which...

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