Seraphic Collection - Lam Khue Design

This collection features ethereal dresses and separates evoking angelic elegance. Each piece incorporates luxurious fabrics, intricate embellishments and flowing silhouettes to endow the wearer with a heavenly yet contemporary style.
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Bautista Off-Shoulder Dress MEAN BLVD

Bautista A-line Off-Shoulder Organza Mini Dress

The turquoise dress is very strange and attractive, combined feathers are meticulously attached to create a luxurious but still youthful design. The mesh shoulder part will help cover the biceps...
Benicio Fall Shoulder Dress MEAN BLVD

Benicio Layered Fall Shoulder Organza Mini Dress

The dress is designed with luxurious fall shoulder and layered skirts to enhance femininity, the highlight is the flower in the waist to help the wearer feel glamorous and flamboyant....
Bradley Ruffle Neck Dress MEAN BLVD

Bradley A-line Ruffle Collar Organza Mini Dress

This dress with luxurious and fancy pink-brown color and mesh sleeves creates elegant and stylized looks. The highlight of the dress is the meticulously sewn lines and carefully pleated patterns...
Diesel V-Neck Ao Dai MEAN BLVD

Diesel V-Neck Ao Dai

The highlight of this "Ao Dai" is hand-attached dragonfly and flowers details in front of the body to create elegance. Suitable for formal events and parties. Note:*Processing time takes 12-15...
Gillan Pleated Waist Skirt MEAN BLVD

Gillan Pleated Waist Skirt

The skirt with a high-waisted design creates a sense of fullness in the waist and hips will make you stand out in the crowd. Note:*Processing time takes 12-15 working days...
Gillan Puffy Sleeves Top MEAN BLVD

Gillan Puffy Sleeves Top

This long sleeves top is made from organza fabric with luxurious and elegant gray color, ruffled collar brings a new look in fashion. Easy to mix and match with different...
Klementieff Halter Strap Dress MEAN BLVD

Klementieff Tulip Halter Neck Organza Mini Dress

The highlight of the design is the halter neckline combined with the beautiful tulip skirt and fitted pleat waistband to highlight the wearer's waist. Note:*Processing time takes 12-15 working days...
Saldana Organza Dress MEAN BLVD

Saldana Layered Halter Neck Organza Mini Dress

The light and feminine pink-orange dress are stylized with ruffle sleeves and an attached crystal necklace to make you stand out. Suitable for any parties and events. Note:*Processing time takes...
Stallone Flower Dress MEAN BLVD

Stallone Layered V-Neck Organza Mini Dress

The dress is fresh and full of feminine. The layered design combines the flower with crystal in the waist to make the wearer's stand out in the crowd. Note:*Processing time...
Sylvester Layered Dress MEAN BLVD

Sylvester Layered Square Neck Organza Mini Dress

The mini dress is made from high-quality organza fabric. The highlight of the outfit is the attached crystal in neckline and waist details. Suitable for dating and events. Note:*Processing time...
Wyatt Square Shoulder Dress MEAN BLVD

Wyatt Fit and Flare Square Shoulder Organza Mini Dress

The dress with mustard color is extremely flamboyant and chic. The vividness of the chest cutout creates an elegant look in a youthful direction and the attached stone in the...

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