Iridescent Collection - White Plan

Explore versatile looks with a pastel pop in the Iridescent Collection. Featuring dresses, blazers, pants and more in shades of mint, pink and purple, each piece is beautifully crafted from luxurious fabrics for a subtle shimmer. Discover wardrobe essentials designed to complement your sophisticated style.
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Pinkie Bowtie Dress MEAN BLVD

Pinkie Bowtie Dress

Creating a distinct impression with 3D embossed bow details, Pinkie Dress is the perfect choice for ladies who love sweet beauty. In addition, the use of a light pink pleated...
Kensy Off-Shoulder Dress MEAN BLVD

Kensy Off-Shoulder Dress

The dress gently draws a unique and charming image of a modern girl. Featured with the off-shoulder design and eye-catching barbie pink color, the item easily helps her capture the...
Selena Fall Shoulder Dress MEAN BLVD

Selena Fall Shoulder Dress

Shaped by a delicate off-shoulder dress design, Selena Dress modestly adorns the lady's aura more noble and haughty. Creating accents on the chest with light mint color changing to veri...
Xenia Bowtie Dress MEAN BLVD

Xenia Bowtie Dress

The dress is a harmonious combination of sturdiness and softness by possessing a unique design with a blazer form on the upper body and a pleated skirt. Used ombre color...
Boni Boat Neck Dress MEAN BLVD

Boni Shirt Boat Neck Taffeta Midi Dress

Shaped with fresh stylization, Boni Dress is especially attractive with a sweet light pink tone. Along with that, the design also impresses with the highlight of two gentle bow ties...
Lion Peak Lapel Blazer MEAN BLVD

Lion Peak Lapel Blazer

Using high-quality materials to create a shape, Lion Suit in vivid Light mint ombre color is a different version of the suit, still neat and elegant but without creating a...
Enda Bowtie Top MEAN BLVD

Enda Bowtie Top

Transforming the dear Enda Top with impressive blue color, the design seems to put on a completely new shape. Respecting the slim waist with discreet and harmonious lines. Notably, the...
Chad Cross Over Top MEAN BLVD

Chad Cross Over Top

Possesses a unique design with a sophisticated cross-over flap accent on the chest, resonating with the impressive visual effects made up of religious techniques, making a harmonious combination between elegance...
Lion Ombre Pants MEAN BLVD

Lion Ombre Pants

Possesses a classic form, the straight pant is easy to coordinate with a blazer to complete the elegant style. Carefully selected Taffeta material to create a moderate shine for the...
Magic Bowtie Dress MEAN BLVD

Magic Bowtie Dress

Creating a fashion picture with its own mark, Magic Bow is especially attractive with this year's hot trend of veri peri color tone. Using the emphasis on the bust and...
Rosie Rose Brooch MEAN BLVD

Rosie Rose Brooch

A signature flower of White Plan, which is a great item to adorn clothes and highlight your outfit. By using classic black and white colors, the elegant flower is very...
Coldin Roading Belt MEAN BLVD

Coldin Roading Belt

This seems to be a normal accessory, but it is extremely useful because of its ability to adjust the waistline as well as an accessory to help your outfit not...
Morning Pleated Skirt - MEAN BLVD

Morning Pleated Skirt

This basic but high-fashion skirt with a glamorous design will highlight the lady's style. Product Details - Product type: Skirt - Material: Mesh Sheer- A-line skirt - See-through pleated skirt-...
Mandie Wide Shoulder Dress MEAN BLVD

Mandie Wide Shoulder Dress

Leading the muse to a new and more unique perspective, Mandie Dress leaves a deep impression with its wide shoulder design. The pleated skirt shape with light mint color changing...
Victor Double-Breasted Dress MEAN BLVD

Victor Double-Breasted Dress

Victor Dress captures all eyes with harmony design between elegance and feminity design. Using a light mint tone which is a special new version of WHITE PLAN's signature design, this...
Enda See-Through Skirt MEAN BLVD

Enda See-Through Skirt

Possesses a gentle color tone and delicately pleated seams that make the skirt more graceful and bring a fresh feeling to the wearer. The two layers' design also helped to...
Lovell Camisole Set MEAN BLVD

Lovell Camisole Set

A charming camisole top is stylized with a pleated flap, creating an impressive visual effect and a unique look for the product. The small-size belt is included to create a...
Celina Straight Across Dress MEAN BLVD

Celina Strapless Straight Across Neck Taffeta Midi Dress

After years, an off-shoulder is still one of the most attractive designs, it makes the Celina dress become a great choice for every sweet and modern girl. The highlight of...
Angel Rose M Brooch MEAN BLVD

Angel Rose M Brooch

Gentle and no less delicacy with a small piece of accessory that will help your fancy dress even more elegant and outstanding in every case and setting. Product Details -...
Endee Asymmetric Shoulder Dress MEAN BLVD

Endee Asymmetric Shoulder Dress

Inspired by creativity but still emphasizing personality, Endee Dress harmonizes the harmony between light mint color and unique light pink. Using a gentle A-line dress form and slender shoulders, the...

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