Ser Pearl Pendant


Pearl Size: 9-10mm


Pearl Color: Purple Pink

Purple Pink


Filled with inspiration in a fancy twisted design and sweet purple-pink tone pearl, the pendant not only brings a haughty beauty but also brings confidence to the lady who owns them, helping her easily to stand out in any case and setting.

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- The product is currently unavailable and not in mass production.
- The product will be manufactured immediately after its order has been placed successfully

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Product Details

- Product type: Pendant
- Material: Silver, Fresh Water Pearl
- Shape: Mostly Round
- Luster: Medium
- Uniformity: Good
- Surface: Lightly Spotted
- Setting type: Peg
- Twisted bail
- Surface prong setting zirconia stones
- Not include chain
- Weight: 2.15g (Purple pink), 2.44g (White)

Care Instruction
• Do not let pearl jewelry come into contact with cosmetic chemicals: perfume, hairspray, shower gel, skincare, shampoo, and other detergents,... because of the substances contained in these cosmetic chemicals. will cause pearl jewelry to lose its luster and original color.
• Do not wear pearl jewelry when swimming or bathing.
• Do not wear pearl jewelry when doing manual work, or when playing sports to limit collisions and scratch the surface of the pearl.
• Do not polish the product because polishing will cause the mother-of-pearl layers to be lost, affecting the quality of the pearl.
• Do not expose the pearl to direct sunlight, lamps, or electrical appliances that generate heat, even when using a hair dryer or sauna, sauna, etc. because the high temperature will change the original color of the pearl.
• Limit the surface contact of the pearl with rough fabrics such as father, wool, and jeans... because friction can affect the mother-of-pearl layer of the pearl.
• Not recommended to let the surface of the pearl come into contact with the skin often because sweat contains lactic acid… will affect the mother-of-pearl layer of the pearl.
• Pearl jewelry needs to be stored in soft cloth bags or separate jewelry boxes.
• Wash pearls with pure water or a specialized solution, then dry them with a soft, smooth cloth and put them in a storage bag/box.
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Pearl Size


Pearl Color

Purple Pink, White


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