Founded in 2014 as one of the fast-rising women's clothing labels in Vietnam, Chats has graciously evolved into today’s prominent brand. Anyone can instantly spot architectural influences through the structured cuts of every Chats piece. Be a standout in any room with Chats’ unique play of patterns and contemporary silhouettes that celebrate women’s innate elegance.
94 Products
94 Products
Hue Ao Dai Set from $267.99
Elaine Midi Dress from $150.99
Anatola Dress from $198.99
Topaz Skirt $137.99
Flame Sleeveless Midi Dress $271.99
Gemma Camisole $140.99
Stephen Bustier Cowl Sleeve Midi Dress from $198.99
Layla Dress from $160.99
Quinn Top $109.99
Ivor Semi Off-shoulder Midi Dress from $198.99
Alan Leaf Pleated Midi Dress $271.99
Ladonna Dress from $142.99
Yang Strappy Dress $271.99
Laverna Bustier Pencil Dress from $215.99
Meranti Midi Dress from $271.99
Spinel Skirt $137.99
Rosewood Midi Dress $311.99
Vivian Midi Dress from $215.99
Pine Midi Dress from $243.99
Lala Cross-shoulder Midi Dress $215.99