Dear José is a contemporary women's clothing brand with a romantic, fresh, and liberal style. With the inspiration comes from love, spring, and fairy tales, Dear José's silhouettes are defined by fluidity and remain wearable through the changing of trends and seasons. Each product is created by the most skilled craftsmen in Saigon and loved by thousands of customers in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asia.

70 Products
70 Products
Spring Tune Beige Midi Dress $72.99
Fly To The Moon In Camilla Floral Mini Dress $74.99
Spring Tune Floral Midi Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Indochine Mermaid Cut-Out Midi Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Spring Tune Twilight Pink Midi Dress $72.99
Fly Me To The Moon Floral Mini Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Marrine Linen Midi Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Wake Up In Spring White Mini Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Make Me Sway Mini Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Daisy Memory Mini Dress $79.99
Blooming Perfect Floral Midi Dress $79.99
A True Love Kiss Midi Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Marylin Ruched Bust Mididress $74.99
Fly Me To The Moon White Mini Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Janet Puffy-Sleeve Top ขายหมดแล้ว
Sunset Valley Mini Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Roxane Ruffle Top $43.99
Marygold Pleated Linen Mini Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Lilly Of The Valley Cotton Midi Dress $110.99
Mera Off-Shoulder Sheer Top $37.99