"Elegant, Strong and Feminine"

HOBB is a Vietnamese women's clothing brand established in 2015. Inspired by the image of the modern woman, every HOBB's design always leans towards the harmonious combination of strength and femininity, and above all, elegance. With the desire to bring modern ladies beautiful and highly applicable designs, Hobb offers a range of suits, shirts, skirts, and dresses that are easy to mix - match, and suitable for many occasions. Whether you want to create the image of a successful businesswoman or want to show a strong yet attractive personality, HOBB always has the best choice for you.

83 Products
83 Products
Blush Linen Midi Dress (Made To Order) from $105.99
Hann Tailored Dress (Made To Order) $113.99
Diana Bow Jacquard Dress (Made To Order) $113.99
Iriza Bow Mini Skirt (Made To Order) $97.99
Ellen Draping Dress (Made To Order) $134.99
Taro Velvet Strapless Dress (Made To Order) from $113.99
Utah High-Rise Pants With Splits (Made To Order) $74.99
Utah Assymetric Collar Suiting Jacket (Made To Order) $123.99
Airy Double Suit Jacket (Made To Order) from $136.99
Denny Bow Suit Jacket (Made To Order) $152.99
Denny Midi Skirt (Made To Order) $79.99
Amber Straight Leged Pants (Made To Order) from $79.99
Amber Hourglass Suit Jacket (Made To Order) from $152.99
Stella Draping Shirt (Made To Order) $59.99
Elin Linen Dress (Made To Order) $105.99
Elenor Dress (Made To Order) from $100.99
Phoebe Mask $24.99
Casia Pleated Top (Made To Order) $74.99
Shady Straight Legged Pants (Made To Order) $82.99
Shady Wool Blend Suit Jacket (Made To Order) $154.99