With dresses, skirts, and suits in a rich color palette from pink, cream to blue in a strong summer vibe, "Passion and Mission" is HOBB's journey on the path of pursuing passion and finding simple things with deep meaning. HOBB believes that when a woman is peaceful inside, her positive energy and charisma spread most naturally – that is the effortless beauty of peace and purity.
14 Products
14 Products
Blush Linen Midi Dress (Made To Order) from $105.99
Judina Silk Crepe Maxi Dress (Made To Order) $108.99
Hailey Maxi Skirt (Made To Order) $67.99
Elin Linen Dress (Made To Order) $105.99
Airy Double Suit Jacket (Made To Order) from $136.99
Madden Wide-Leg Pants (Made To Order) $74.99
Augustin Double-Breasted Suit Jacket (Made To Order) $139.99
Lila Wide-Leg Pants (Made To Order) $74.99
Amanda Linen Vest (Made To Order) $82.99
Airy Fish Tail Skirt (Made To Order) from $67.99
Madden Single-Breasted Suit Jacket (Made To Order) $134.99
Augustine Wide-Leg Pants (Made To Order) $77.99
Lila Single-Breasted Suit Jacket (Made To Order) $134.99
Stella Draping Shirt (Made To Order) $59.99