We all have certain outfits that make us feel independent, strong, and powerful, and suits are definitely one of them. With to desire to create such a powerful look for modern women, Signature is a womenswear collection that offers a range of blazers mixed with pleated skirts and baggy trousers. You surely find the perfect outfit that exudes your independent spirit whether for offices, parties, events, or dates. Check now!
27 Products
27 Products
Bunga Round Neck Dress $118.99
Sinaida Pleated Skirt $73.99
Umbi Pleated Skirt $73.99
Umbi Short Sleeves Blazer $118.99
Trish Pleated Skirt $73.99
Trixie Short Sleeves Blazer $118.99
Shiraisi Short Sleeves Blazer $118.99
Ryota Pleated Skirt $73.99
Ryota Short Sleeves Blazer $118.99
Qutra Pleated Skirt $73.99
Quria Short Sleeves Blazer $118.99
Ogawa Baggy Trousers $61.99
Ogawa Double-Breasted Blazer $107.99
Nova Baggy Trousers $61.99
Nova Double-Breasted Blazer $107.99
Milla Baggy Trousers $61.99
Milla Double-Breasted Blazer $107.99
Leon Baggy Trousers $61.99
Leon Double-Breasted Blazer $107.99
Greed Baggy Trousers $61.99