O’HARA is a women's clothing brand based in Vietnam. The brand is named as a beautiful rose, like Scarlett O'Hara in a classic work "Gone with the Wind" with the message "In my heart, she is the most beautiful girl!". Slender, integrity but remains charming in her own way is the mission of O’HARA.
33 Products
33 Products
Rosea Dress $91.99
Aureola Dress $96.99
Ici Dress $88.99
Inkberry Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Japonica Dress $83.99
Aura Sleeveless Dress $96.99
Pearaly Bustier Dress $134.99
Helle Dress from $96.99
Adelina Shirt ขายหมดแล้ว
Sasa Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Insou Floral Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Nami Pleated Shoulders Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Bluebell Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Sonnet Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Glenfid Sleeveless Dress $134.99
Bordeaux Bustier Dress $96.99
Sherry V-Neck Dress $96.99
Reus Puffy Sleeves Dress $91.99
Remy Martin Mesh Dress $96.99
Hennesi Deep V-neck Dress $91.99