WEPHOBIA is a Vietnamese women's fashion brand founded by two women who graduated from London College for Fashion Studies: Ms. Nguyen Minh Anh and Ms. Nguyen Bao Kim Cuc. With the belief that the product is the key to the brand's value, WEPHOBIA has constantly developed products in both materials and techniques to bring the most unique yet comfortable range of shirts, vests, and jackets to the wearer.

65 Products
65 Products
Rome Dress $85.99
Crush Dress $85.99
Chess Blazer ขายหมดแล้ว
Genda Blazer $110.99
Amber Skirt $81.99
Crochet Polo ขายหมดแล้ว
Jess Top ขายหมดแล้ว
Hill Camisole $59.99
Charm Dress ขายหมดแล้ว
Irish Cami Dress $116.99
Ella Middle Sleeves Blazer $121.99
Gin Blazer ขายหมดแล้ว
Ari Straight Pants ขายหมดแล้ว
Sander Blazer $126.99
Bow Shirt $69.99
June Striped Dress $85.99
Keira Culottes $79.99
Ari Sleeveless Top ขายหมดแล้ว
Jasmin Blazer $121.99
Lionel Tailored Skorts $79.99