Founded in 2014 as one of the fast-rising women's clothing labels in Vietnam, Chats by C.Dam has graciously evolved into today’s prominent brand. Anyone can instantly spot architectural influences through the structured cuts of every Chats piece. Be a standout in any room with Chats’ unique play of patterns and contemporary silhouettes that celebrate women’s innate elegance.

Clay Stylized Shoulder Dress


The stylized asymmetrical sleeves combined with the slinky poplin material make the aestheticism of the dress elevated to the next level, a perfect item to light out the party. Note:*Processing...

Onyx Pencil Skirt


A simple A-line skirt is a perfect item to combine with a unique symmetrical top to complete the harmony of the costume. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working days (NOT including...

Norah Peplum Top


A slinky shirt with stylized asymmetrical sleeves design created a floating and smoothy feeling, a peplum form also contributes to flatter the slenderness of the wearer. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7...

Louvre Draped Dress


The pencil skirt brings out an elongated feeling for the total look, a stunning item to enhance the wearer's curves. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working days (NOT including shipping time)**The...

Antoine Wrap Dress


A wrap dress with a delicate twisted design at the waist created a sense of two separated pieces of cloth, a very attractive item to go on at an event....

Jacques Bustier Bralette


A charming item for a liberal style girl, it enhanced the sexy of the upper body delicately, without any crudeness feeling. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working days (NOT including shipping...

Teresa Diagonal Pleated Skirt


A fancy skirt with a unique asymmetric design and the sophisticated pleated seam lines created the harmonious and flexibility, the stitch seam lines moving along the hem bring out the...

Evelin Notched Lapels Blazer


A slinky oversize blazer created a liberal and smoothy total look, the notch patch design contributes to retaining the elegance of the original blazer. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working days...

Parian Off-Shoulder Top


A stunning long sleeves shirt with the highlight is the metallic button in the center of the upper chest, creating a sense of a bright star in the middle of...

Rodin Strappy Top


An innovative item to enhance the beauty of the body with the meticulous seam lines around the bust, a fitted waist, and a peplum design to flatter the curves of...

Terra Straight Pants


A delicate slitted hem design is the highlight of the trousers, it created an innovative and youthful outfit, it is suitable for events and parties. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working...

Jaina Off-Shoulder Top


An asymmetrical off-shoulder design is the most attractive detail of the shirt, the gathered lines overlapping contribute to elevating the art of the shirt. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working days...

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