Alayna Tulip Side Pocket Denim Mini Skirt - MEAN BLVD

Alayna Tulip Side Pocket Denim Mini Skirt

Vendor: Decos

Size: XS


Color: Blue Grey

Blue Grey
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This skirt will be a great addition to your wardrobe. This demi skirt features a tulip skirt design featuring two side pockets, perfect for storing your essentials in style. The denim material and timeless silhouette make this piece a great way to elevate any look.

Product Detail
Product description:
  • Production time: 5 working days - 7 working days (not including shipping time)
  • Apparel Silhouette: Tulip
  • Material: Denim
  • Product's Length: 39cm/ 40cm/ 41cm
  • Closure type: Zipper
  • Pocket: Sides pocket
  • Fitting Type: Slim fit
  • Care Instructions

    Machine washable

    Hand wash only

    Do not bleach

    Do not iront

    Wash separately

    • Machine washable: Denim fabric is usually machine washable. Wash it in the washing machine using cold or warm water and a mild detergent. Turn the garment inside out to prevent fading and wash it with similar colors.

    • Do not bleach: Denim fabrics should not be bleached as it can damage the fibers and cause discoloration. If you need to remove stains, try using a stain remover that is safe for use on denim.

    • Warm iron if necessary: If your denim garment is wrinkled, you can use a warm iron to smooth out the wrinkles. Be sure to iron the garment inside out to prevent fading.

    • Do not dry clean: Denim fabrics should not be dry cleaned as the chemicals used in the process can damage the material.

    • Wash separately: When washing new denim fabrics, be sure to wash them separately from other items to prevent bleeding and dye transfer.


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