Pink is one of the most beautiful yet complex colors. Ranging in a wide gradient, it can be a tender and elegant pastel pink and also a strong and bold fuschia pink. Springtime is the season of nature’s renaissance with flowers blooming under the bright sun. For fashion lover’s, this means going out with an outfit matching this unique season. 

The perfect pink dress

From the floral world evoked by color and flares to the light and soft designs made for a walk outside, the perfect item for spring is certainly the pink dress. We have selected the most trendy and elegant pink dresses to create fashionable outfits.

The slip dress

The comfort and soft lines of the slip dress is unparalleled. We have seen it in satin-like fabrics and earthy colors, but also in different tones of pink. 

Maxi vs Mini

Depending on the weather and your personality, the length and shape of a dress can vary widely. Luckily for us, the fashion trends are set both on mini and maxi dresses. Our pink variations for spring will help you to choose the ideal piece matching your individuality.

SS22 - Parisian Haute Couture: Dior & Chanel

The exquisite and rich pink color perfectly matches the Haute Couture world. Whether you consider yourself as a Chanel girl or more of a Dior advocate, here are some inspirations to emulate the luxurious looks of these houses while sticking to pink.

The Chanel Tweed

The iconic Chanel Tweed is ideal for spring as it is a perfect transition season outfit. Usually composed of a straight skirt and a short vest, this set can suit perfectly for a beautiful spring day while remaining elegant and sweet.

The Dior look

Inspired by M. Christian Dior’s ‘tailleur bar’ of 1947, the Dior look reinvented by Maria Grazia Chiuri has become a staple of the brand’s look. The outfit is made of a tailored vest, for a perfect spring outerwear, and a light tulle skirt, that is breathable enough for warm temperatures while preventing wind chills thanks to its length.

The modern working girl

Who said power dressing couldn’t have a soft touch? The girl boss in you can perfectly embrace the color pink with structured and modern pieces. These versatile pieces can be worn as a uni color suit ensemble or a color-blocking mix-and-match. Pink is the best color to bring joy and energy in the workplace while adapting to the peaceful spring season.

Outdoor events & Traditional looks

Spring season is also a period of outdoor festivities, whether they are weddings, parties or else, we have put together our favorite pink dresses to feel exquisite and light at any event.

We hope you’ve found our guide to pick outfits inspiring for your spring closet! Let us know if pink is also your fave color as ours - in the comments below. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to hear about the latest trends and new collection launches.

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