From social media platforms to runways, the cutout dress is trending everywhere.

Especially in recent years, the rise of these dresses can be observed. However, its popularity has encountered multiple ups and downs, but the designers have managed to maintain its cool and bring it back to the trend. And now this trend is being hugely embraced by fashionistas from New York to Paris. And this is all because of the creative interpretations and reimagined images by modern fashion experts.

What is the definition of the cutout dress trend?

Cutout dresses are typically characterised by having cut-out sections on the areas of the dress that reveal skin. However, there is a wide range of these cutout dress styles where the cutouts are found on the waist, shoulders, around the bust, and on the hip section as well. 

This style dates back to the 1960s, when fashion was running at a much faster pace than ever before in the 20th century. 1960 was the same year when bikinis, skirts, and corsets were first worn as outwear. However, the cutout design was more flesh in the show than ever before, which means it was perfect for the era. Today, it can be seen on celebrities as they walk down the red carpet in Hollywood.

Do cutouts always have to be bold?

Cutout dresses don’t always have to be bold, but this style is modest yet hot. There are not too many revealing dresses, but the glimpses of skin cutouts are more prevalent than in any other type. In the summer of 2020, we saw conventional designers bring these cutouts to the catwalk. And the most admirable factor is the unique approach through which they pulled it back and made this trend chic.

However, the cutout detailing also differs in every era. Like in 1960, a large singular cutout in the upper half of the dress was in fashion like dress with cutout back, and now these cutouts are present in different areas. Thus, in this distribution, there are multiple types of cutout dresses.

Different types of cutout dresses

Cutout dresses: These dresses are always in style. Not just one or two, but there are multiple articles available in stores like MEAN BLVD, so you can pick anything to look fashionable. They don't just define fashion, but they also define comfort and classiness at the same time. They expose your back, stomach, bust, and shoulders. You can choose your level of comfort and rock.

Cutout skirts: Cutout mini skirts are suitable for both summer and winter. These skirts with leggings in winter and with spring boots in summer can make you steal the show. 

Cutout tops: You might be surprised to hear that MEAN BLVD has a huge number of these cutout articles in store. You can pick up a cute cutout top and slay the look while exposing some of the areas.

From our store: 7 cutout items you will fall in love with

Summer is here and there is only one dress style that we predict is going to be on everyone's shopping list: the cutout dress. This dressing style is not just cute, but it is super comfortable and is fictional when you think about it. 

When picking the right cutout dress, it all comes down to its type, color, and exposed areas. We see neutral shades with temptation cuts. We have also observed these cuts in bright colors. However, both options are timeless and exceptional, as they are trending. 

It also doesn’t matter what type of cuts you are comfortable with. Some celebrities, like Dua Lipa, prefer multiple cuts, while some designers, like Target and Zara, make large cuts on the ribcage and midriff like dress with cutout back. It’s up to you which you prefer. So today we have brought you 25 dresses to impress from MEAN BLVD.

Momoa Waist Cutout Dress:

Having a shoulder design with a waist cutout is not a bad option to stand out in a crowd.

Havana Cutout Floral Mini Dress:

A cutout mini dress that is sexy, chic, and highlights the wearer’s shape.

Calypso Cutout Maxi Dress

Feeling bored with the basic design? This dress is for you. Its creative design is full of youth and colors.

Cordelia Cutout Mini Dress

As the sign of elegance and liveliness, this dress is unforgettable.

Alma Open Chest Dress

The slim-fit tweet dress provides a comfortable feeling.

Elvia Mini Dress

Through emphasizing body lines, this mini black dress is perfect for parties. 

Calypso Cutout Mini Dress

An irresistible perfect design to enhance your body shape.


Cutout dresses are the talk of fashion this summer. Not just this summer, but the fashionistas slay in it every season. This fashion dates back to 1960, but with the creative touch of the twenty-first century, designers bring back this style with an exceptionally chic twist.

The best thing about the cutout dress is that it requires very little effort and provides great comfort. These cutout dresses accommodate a vast variety of articles on our store - MEAN BLVD. Pairing a cut-out dress with a piece of gold statement jewelry, whether long or short, is sophisticated and classy. Fashion trends are always changing. It is always changing and expanding. The cutout trend, on the other hand, is not new, but it is making a comeback on the trend list. They're more adaptable and refined this time. Cut-out dresses can be the best option for your party style, or a creative outfit of choice for vaccination wear.

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