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Curate polished selections exuding understated brilliance. Gorgeously crafted garments balance intricate techniques and mystic palettes. Discover refined pieces radiating subtle luxury through finessed construction and delicate imagery portrayed in masterful forms.
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Aries Flared Semi-Heart Neck Taffeta Midi Dress - MEAN BLVD

Aries Flared Semi-Heart Neck Taffeta Midi Dress

يبدو الفستان رائعاً باللونين النيود والأحمر، مع فيونكة رقيقة عند الصدر، وهو زي رائع لموسم الأعياد وحفلات نهاية العام. ملحوظة: ضعي طلبك اليوم وشحنه غدًا. *يستغرق وقت المعالجة من يوم...
Rigel Ruffle Layers Skirt MEAN BLVD

Rigel Ruffle Layers Skirt

The skirt is impressive with a novelty ruffle layered design that brings feminity and pure gracefulness. With a maximum fluffy form, the dress is a manifesto for femininity but strength;...
Astrid Layered Asymmetric Neck Taffeta Midi Dress - MEAN BLVD

Astrid Layered Asymmetric Neck Taffeta Midi Dress

The elegance and luxury will be pushed to the top with the exquisite details of the dress, making her shine and be more graceful than ever. The fluffy, soft, natural...
Aurora Cropped Jacket MEAN BLVD

Aurora Cropped Jacket

Made up of a special Cheviot tweed material, which is a soft fabric but still has moderate sturdiness just enough to form the item. The finely handcrafted stone buttons further...
Capella Corset Dress MEAN BLVD

Capella Fit and Flare Semi-Heart Neck Tweed Midi Dress

This dress will definitely attract the eyes of ladies who pursue a glamorous, sophisticated, and luxurious style thanks to the structure that is like a classic corset, the dress gently...
Capella Feather Jacket MEAN BLVD

Capella Feather Jacket

Possessing a novelty design with light, fluffy feather layers which are layered delicately to create a flexible visual effect, making her splendid, special, and absolutely classy. Skillfully adorned with sparkling...
Lyra Bustier Top - MEAN BLVD

Lyra Bustier Top

The top stands out with sparkling stone buttons mixed with a delicate belt, on a light Black Velvet material that enhances the luxurious spirit. Thanks to the sturdy frame structure,...
Lunar Cut-Out Dress MEAN BLVD

Lunar Fit and Flare Cut-Out Velvet Midi Dress

العصري والأكثر فخامة هو الشعور الذي يمنحه الفستان لمرتديه عند ارتدائه. تؤكد التفاصيل المقصوصة بذكاء على الجمال الناعم للجسم، مما يصور سلوكًا مختلفًا وجذابًا. تفاصيل المنتج - نوع المنتج: فستان...
Solar A-Line Skirt MEAN BLVD

Solar A-Line Skirt

Possesses a simple design the skirt is a perfect choice for girls who are interested in a minimalist style. High-quality tweed material is used to enhance the elegance and fancy...
Alya Asymmetric Shoulder Top - MEAN BLVD

Alya Asymmetric Shoulder Top

The top is impressive with soft and soaring layers which are manually layered and beaded delicately—made of high-quality tweed material that further shows off the wearer's fancy spirit. Product Details...
Kaity Layered Skirt MEAN BLVD

Kaity Layered Skirt

The skirt proves its charm when transforming impressively on neutral color background. Pleated layers of the skirt are designed on a comfortable mesh sheer material to bring a flowing and...
Ashley Round Neck Top MEAN BLVD

Ashley Round Neck Top

Personality intertwined with gentle femininity, the monochrome version has a beauty favored for the early winter days. This is definitely a perfect suggestion for girls to be in a gentle...
Long Sleeve Tweed Top MEAN BLVD

Long Sleeve Tweed Top

One of the costumes with high applicability and sustainable value with time. The interference of contemporary and classic inspiration of the shirt recreates feminine beauty and enhances every wearer's physique....
Turin Gathered Skirt - MEAN BLVD

Turin Gathered See-Through Tulle Calf Length Skirt

The skirt proves its charm when transforming impressively on neutral color background. Gathered ruffle details are designed on a comfortable mesh sheer material to bring a flowing and airy feeling...

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