Summer 2023 Style: Crop Top & Mini Skirt

Sets featuring coordinating cropped tops and mini skirts crafted from lightweight fabrics perfect for warm weather. Styles accentuated with feminine touches like ruffles, bows and pleats. Modern silhouettes reinventing versatility through trendy designs. Affordable collection for creating statement summer outfits.
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Acebo Ruffle Shirt MEAN BLVD

Acebo Ruffle Shirt

Layered ruffle lines entire the body created a picture of an elegant rose. By using high-quality silk material, the romance and sweetness of the shirt are elevated impressively. Product Details...
Azora A-Line Skirt MEAN BLVD

Azora A-Line Skirt

A basic skirt is stylized with a folded flap, expressing a creative personality. This easy-to-wear item is suitable for all kinds of occasions. Product Details - Product type: Skirt -...
Anne Strappy Khaki Crop Top - MEAN BLVD

Anne Strappy Khaki Crop Top

The crop top is made of khaki with a trendy design. Classic but high-fashion dress for women. *Note:Processing time takes 5-8 working days (NOT including shipping time). Product Details -...
Bella Mini Skirt MEAN BLVD

Bella Mini Skirt

Possesses a wavy design that makes the dress look softer and brings a flowing feeling to the wearer. The two layers designed with peeked-out white color created an eye-catching effect...
Betel Pleated Skirt MEAN BLVD

Betel Pleated Skirt

تتميز بخطوط مطوية بدقة تجعل التنورة أكثر رشاقة وتضفي شعورًا جديدًا على مرتديها. ساعد تصميم الحاشية القطرية أيضًا في خلق تأثير ملفت للنظر وتعزيز جاذبية المنتج.تفاصيل المنتج- نوع المنتج: تنورة-...
Brutal Mini Skirt MEAN BLVD

Brittney Mini Skirt

FlaThe mini skirt style is very harmonious, bringing a youthful and dynamic feeling, very suitable for both work or walking and going out. Product Details - Product type: Skirt- Material:...
Carly Crossover Top MEAN BLVD

Carly Crossover Top

Made with 100% silk material the shirt brings a relaxed and comfortable feeling to the wearer. A crossover flap neck design end with a willowy bowtie created a modernness for...
Davina A-line Layered Organza Mini Skirt - MEAN BLVD

Davina A-line Layered Organza Mini Skirt

As a chic item in every girl's wardrobe, the dress with a layered skirt brings elegance to the wearer. Using high-quality material to make the overall look clean and smooth....
Eve Bowtie Skirt MEAN BLVD

Eve Bowtie Skirt

The skirt easily captures all the attention with its delicate and eye-catching patterns and a large bowtie that accents the waist. A classic A-line form is suitable for all kinds...
Dalia Cropped Top MEAN BLVD

Dalia Cropped Top

The puffy form crop top helped to enhance the slim waist. The high-quality silk spandex material printed monogram pattern - one of the Larmes features, created softness and relaxation for...
Jane A-Line Skirt MEAN BLVD

Jane A-Line Skirt

A simple short skirt with a modern detail is that the side pocket makes the product elegant and youthfully. A basic item can be mixed with a lot of types...
Fidelia Bustier Top MEAN BLVD

Fidelia Bustier Top

If you are a girl who is passionate about sexy style this will be a great choice for you when it can enhance the curves of the wearer in the...
Hazel A-line Box Pleated Cotton Blend Mini Skirt MEAN BLVD

Hazel A-line Box Pleated Cotton Blend Mini Skirt

With delicate box pleat seams, the skirt brings a lovely and youthful look to the wearer which also helped to make the item more flexible and versatile in her every...
Imogen Halter Crop Top MEAN BLVD

Imogen Halter Crop Top

A sexy design with a gathered chest and halter neck helped to flatter the beauty of the upper body. Mixed with fresh color, this crop top will be the highlight...
Jesse Flared Ruffles Skirt MEAN BLVD

Jesse Flared Ruffles Skirt

A skirt can do wonders for any woman’s outfit. Complementing your figure, or hiding your weaknesses and highlighting the parts of your body you want, it’s your choice to find...
Kiana Cropped Chest Cup Leather Top - MEAN BLVD

Kiana Cropped Chest Cup Leather Top

This leather design and extremely fitted corset design with bold, unique chest cut-out, girls who are pursuing a new, high-fashion style will absolutely love it. Note:*Processing time takes 8-12 working...
Jaylah Halter Gathered Jersey Mini Skirt - MEAN BLVD

Jaylah Halter Gathered Jersey Mini Skirt

This is a unique skirt with minimal colors and a delicately floral, winding ruffle flap, this will be an extremely valuable item that you should have. Note:*Processing time takes 8-12...
Paula Ruched Crop Top MEAN BLVD

Paula Ruched Crop Top

This crop top with a rather strange and extremely personal design will make you stand out from the crowd or parties or events. Note:*Processing time takes 10-15 working days (including...
Kesy Cross Over Flap Skirt MEAN BLVD

Kesy Cross Over Flap Skirt

Possesses a novelty crossover flap, the skirt created a willowy feminine look while still showing off the elegance and personality of the wearer. A novelty look of the product will...
Macy Strapless Stone Rhinestones Crop Top MEAN BLVD

Macy Strapless Stone Rhinestones Crop Top

This crop top uses exotic material that makes this item extremely unique and trendy, surely attracting all the eyes. Note:*Processing time takes 8-12 working days (including 7-10 working days for...

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