Ecocosmology Collection - DeNio

Ecocosmology Collection offers versatile pieces harmonizing the wearer with their surroundings. Flowing midi dresses, ruched tops, wide-leg pants and midi skirts are crafted from breathable natural fibers in muted tones. Gathered seams and draped silhouettes promote flexibility and compatibility with the environment.
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Magnolia Corset Dress MEAN BLVD

Magnolia Gathered Corset Waist Floss Silk Midi Dress

Harmony combination between spandex taffeta and floss silk material helped to make the wearer's waist part more charming and outstanding than ever. The dress is stylized with gathered details to...
Ohana Off-Shoulder Dress MEAN BLVD

Ohana A-line Off-Shoulder Khaki Silk Midi Dress

The dress proves its charm when transforming impressively on the classic plain white background. The overlapping flap at the chest combined with a fitted form created a harmonious look for...
Manguier Strappy Dress MEAN BLVD

Manguier A-line Strappy Raw Cotton Midi Dress

Possesses a light yellow background which is not so flashy but still very outstanding, and is also adorned with delicate white seams that created a gentle visual effect, graceful and...
Arie Pleated Top MEAN BLVD

Arie Pleated Top

The shirt appears like mystery midnight with a black background and delicately pleated seams. High-quality Clay iridescent silk and Leather material are used to create a moderate shine for the...
Tifernine Ruffle Top MEAN BLVD

Tifernine Ruffle Top

The front body is designed elegantly with a folded collar and Spandex taffeta material, along with the highlight is the Floss silk ruffle flaps on two sides creating a harmonious...
Zephyr One Shoulder Top - MEAN BLVD

Zephyr One Shoulder Top

Inspired by the shape of the sandglass, the off-shoulder detail and a fitted form are designed delicately to flatter the body's curves and created a modern look for the dress....
Poplar Wide Legs Pants MEAN BLVD

Poplar Wide Legs Pants

Stylized with pleated seams that make simple straight pants look more youthful and modern. Carefully selected absorbent raw cotton material combined with wide legs design to bring a relaxed feeling...
Jena Sides Slit Pants MEAN BLVD

Jena Sides Slit Pants

Simple straight pants are stylized with inside slit details and the over-length design created youthfulness and modernness for the product and enhanced its flexibility and versatility. Unique pants can be...
Andiamo Midi Skirt MEAN BLVD

Andiamo Midi Skirt

The skirt appears elegant with a classic plain color background and a simple A-line form. High-quality Salt Raw cotton is selected for bringing a relaxed feeling to the wearer. An...
Hillock Wavy Shorts - MEAN BLVD

Hillock Wavy Shorts

The shorts are stylized with an A-line skirt form to create a charming visual effect. An active item but still very feminity, promises to be a great choice for you...

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