Dreamy lover

Martin Rose Sleeves Dress


The harmony of art and minimalism in minimalist fashion design style: simple, sophisticated and extremely elegant, and individual. Suitable for formal parties and events. Note:*Processing time takes 18-20 working days...

Susanita Puffy Sleeves Dress


The perfect combination of two different materials and colors creates this elegant, feminine dress. *Note:Processing time takes 1-3 working days (NOT including shipping time).   Product Details - Product type:...

Aldana Mini Dress


This will be a design that turns you into a gentle, elegant but still extremely personal lady. *Note:Processing time takes 1-3 working days (NOT including shipping time).   Product Details...

Enoch Straight Across Dress


The soft, feminine colors combine with sexy details and designs to create a dress that party girls can't miss. Note: *Processing time takes 10-15 working days (including times for manufacturing...

Giovanni Puffy Sleeves Dress


Inspiration from roses in full bloom, the sweetheart dress creates a sense of slender shoulders, the puffy sleeves designed to be spread like a gentle winding leaf, very delicate and...

Donna V-Neck Dress


Light, feminine pink dress with details arranged in harmony with the skirt. Will be a wonderful choice for parties and special events. Note:*Processing time takes 11-14 working days (including 8-10...

Erica Layered Ruffle Skirt


Elegant, gentle, feminine are the feelings that this skirt brings to the wearer. Suitable for appointments and formal events, parties. Note:*Processing time takes 15-20 working days (including 10-15 working days...

Racheal Long Puffy Sleeves Shirt


What the shirt gives you is a feeling of lightness, elegance and femininity. Surely this is the choice for dates, meetings and office girls. Note:*Processing time takes 15-20 working days...

Emilia Pink Set


The high-class set includes soft mesh skirts combined with long-sleeved shirts mix sparkling sequins. The highlight of this set is the flowers of transparent organza fabric with meticulous crystal attachment....

Donna Drop Shoulder Dress


The dress with drop shoulder, high-quality fabric, and a charming, elegant design. Suitable for romantic dates. Note:*Processing time takes 18-22 working days (including 14 working days for manufacturing and NOT...

Edna Sleeveless Dress


High-end designer dress with halter strap neckline with modern hand embroidery and beading techniques. Suitable for outdoor parties and events. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working days (NOT including shipping time).**The...

Uri High Neck Dress


This is a design with a gentle, elegant, and light color that will be extremely easy to wear to different types of activities. Note: *Processing time takes 10-15 working days...

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