Oriental Shape Collection - Lam Khue Design

With a curated range of both midi and mini dresses, each piece becomes a canvas painted in serene shades of white, pink, blue, and purple. Crafted exclusively from 100% organza, the dresses boast a lightness and translucence that mirrors the ethereal beauty of the Orient. Drawing inspiration from regal aesthetics, the collection features princess and butterfly shape designs, fusing traditional motifs with modern silhouettes.
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Elias Floral Organza Choker - MEAN BLVD

Elias Floral Organza Choker

This stylish choker is made of lightweight organza fabric adorned with a beautiful floral design. Perfect for a formal occasion or special event. The fabric is breathable and comfortable for...
Maleia Floral Organza Choker - MEAN BLVD

Maleia Floral Organza Choker

This choker is a handmade statement piece that adds the perfect pop of color and texture to any outfit. This choker is made with the finest organza fabric, adorned with...

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