Summer-fall transition fashion trends style

Embracing the changing seasons, our curated selection showcases a harmonious fusion of lightweight fabrics, warm hues, and versatile designs. From elegant jumpsuits to chic blouses and stylish dresses, each piece is carefully crafted to effortlessly transition your wardrobe from sun-soaked days to crisp autumn evenings.
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Positive V-Neck Jumpsuit MEAN BLVD

Positive V-Neck Jumpsuit

This is an elegant choice but still exudes elegance and charm for the wearer. This item is suitable for many different activities. Note:*Processing time takes 10-15 working days (including 7-10...
Nielsen Middle Sleeves Dress MEAN BLVD

Nielsen A-line Crossover Neck Polyester Midi Dress

The highlight is the high neckline that can be flexibly opened and closed in colder weather or make a bow tie. Suitable for different types of activities. Product Details -...
Meir Peplum Gilet MEAN BLVD

Meir Peplum Gilet

This trend is being popularized by girls and fashionistas who like personality and elegance. A design is suitable for this season also brings a fashionable look for the wearer. Product...
Kate Pleated Skirt MEAN BLVD

Kate Pleated Skirt

Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working days (NOT including shipping time).**The product can be customized according to measurements (bust,waist,hip) with an extra fee of 25% of the product value. Please contact...
Darius Ruffle Shoulder Jumpsuit MEAN BLVD

Darius Ruffle Shoulder Jumpsuit

Enrich your fashion wardrobe with an impressive jumpsuit design a novelty puffy off-shoulder brings elegance, and nobility to the wearer and is no less prominent in all eyes. Product Details...
Alice Short Sleeves Blouse MEAN BLVD

Alice Straight Short Sleeves Organza Shirt

This outfit emphasizes the spirit of minimalism, balance, and harmony with unsurpassed elegance. The design creates a special highlight with the bowtie on the chest and the high-quality fabric is...
Musey Heart Neck Top MEAN BLVD

Musey Heart Neck Top

The heart-neck blouse with a combination of chiffon and khaki materials brings a seductive and mysterious beauty. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working days (including 2-3 working days for manufacturing and...
Athena Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit MEAN BLVD

Athena Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit

Not too much to make ladies overdressing, this jumpsuit is perfectly enough with standing out details - a draped chest and a fitted form, which helped to honor every curve...
Joyce Twisted Neck Blouse MEAN BLVD

Joyce Twisted Neck Blouse

If you are looking for a blouse that is flamboyant, elegant but still highlighted the wearer’s style, this item will be a perfect choice that you can’t miss. Note:*Processing time...
Orlando Side Pleated Skirt MEAN BLVD

Orlando Side Pleated Skirt

This charming midi skirt is always the best and comfiest item for your wardrobe. This is great to pair with different items for a sweet look. Note:*Processing time takes 33-35...
Andiamo Midi Skirt MEAN BLVD

Andiamo Midi Skirt

The skirt appears elegant with a classic plain color background and a simple A-line form. High-quality Salt Raw cotton is selected for bringing a relaxed feeling to the wearer. An...
Mason Leather Blazer MEAN BLVD

Mason Leather Blazer

Slimfit blazer with a cut that defines the waist and hips to create a distinct curve, the highlight is the asymmetrical two-flap design that creates a sense of attraction to...
Arie Pleated Top MEAN BLVD

Arie Pleated Top

The shirt appears like mystery midnight with a black background and delicately pleated seams. High-quality Clay iridescent silk and Leather material are used to create a moderate shine for the...
Woodie Round Neck Top MEAN BLVD

Woodie Round Neck Top

This wide, flowy top will make you comfortable, floating in the air, whether wearing it daily or walking by the seaside. Product Details - Product type: Blouse- Material: Organza- Pleated...
Jules Fitted Tweed Dress MEAN BLVD

Jules Pencil V-Neck Tweed Midi Dress

The dress with neutral colors and unique details will make the lady who love strong style and personality fall in love at first sight. Product Details - Product type: Midi...
Pony Long Sleeves Top MEAN BLVD

Pony Long Sleeves Top

Iridescent silk material with cream tones is very flattering to the wearer's skin. Along with a puffy sleeve design and the highlight is the bowtie, the shirt certainly is a...
Tifernine Ruffle Top MEAN BLVD

Tifernine Ruffle Top

The front body is designed elegantly with a folded collar and Spandex taffeta material, along with the highlight is the Floss silk ruffle flaps on two sides creating a harmonious...
Ursula Open Shoulder Jumpsuit MEAN BLVD

Ursula Open Shoulder Jumpsuit

Possesses a chest cup design combined with pleated straight paints to make the jumpsuit flatter the body's shape. A cross-over mesh sheer detail helped to hide the biceps, enhancing the...
Amendola V-Neck Jumpsuit MEAN BLVD

Amendola V-Neck Jumpsuit

An elegant shining jumpsuit with color coordination brings out the sense of the summer beach, a perfect item to wear this summer. Note:*Processing time takes 8-10 working days (including 5-7...
Jules Fitted Tweed Dress MEAN BLVD

Jules Pencil V-Neck Tweed Midi Dress

The dress with neutral colors and unique details will make the lady who love strong style and personality fall in love at first sight. Note: Order Today - Ship Tomorrow*Processing...

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