Lucelence Collection - White Plan

Featuring flowing A-line dresses and fitted silhouettes crafted from luxurious white and black fabrics. Each piece is designed for stylish professionalism to seamlessly transition from day meetings to evening events with sophistication.
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Alexander Notched Collar Blazer MEAN BLVD

Alexander Notched Collar Blazer

This item created a whole new style that is hard to take your eyes off. This shoulder part and a fitted waist will be a great choice for her to...
Classy Short Sleeves Shirt - MEAN BLVD

Classy Short Sleeves Shirt

This shirt with see-through fabric shows off the chic and glamorous. Suitable for dates or events and parties. Easy to mix and match with different styles. Product Details - Product...
Colin Bustier Top MEAN BLVD

Colin Bustier Top

This top is for modern women in general and office ladies in particular, with elegant, youthful and trendy are probably the style that we always looking for. Using details of...
Jacob Sleeveless Top MEAN BLVD

Jacob Sleeveless Top

This item has a unique and fancy color scheme with a black collar that attracts all eyes, the design also highlights your waist, making the wearer full of haughty aura....
Olivia Strappy Dress MEAN BLVD

Olivia A-line Strappy Taffeta Midi Dress

This dress with never out-trend color will make the wearer feel chic and elegant but still keep a feminine. Easy to mix with different styles and suitable for many activities....
Taylor Asymmetric Lapel Blazer MEAN BLVD

Taylor Asymmetric Lapel Blazer

To make the outfit no longer a mere accessory, and to let fashion go beyond its original flow, an attractive and personality black outfit for her to confidently express herself...
Victor Straight Pants - MEAN BLVD

Victor Straight Pants

The design is suitable for the wearer who loves elegance, classic but still has a personality and modernity. Product Details - Product type: Pants- Material: Velvet Cotton - Fitted form...
Willan Side Line Pants MEAN BLVD

Willan Side Line Pants

The pants with sides rib line created amazing and elegant looks, helping the wearer stand out in every moment. Product Details - Product type: Pants- Material: Velvet Cotton - Fitted...

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