Wearing vibrant colors and designs might be scary if your wardrobe consists mostly of black, white, and the occasional flash of gray. But, with summer on the way and a revived interest in garments that aren't classified as "loungewear", what better opportunity to try something new?

Pair opposites

You've heard everyone said that opposites attract. And they have a point, whomever "they" are. While monochrome from head to toe has its place, it's time to be creative and experiment with color combinations. Bright colors don't have to be as frightening as you might believe. We're taught not to mix two bright colors, especially if they're on opposing ends of the spectrum. They can also be taken too literally or as gimmicky: purple and green can conjure up images of the world-famous friendly neighborhood dinosaur, red and green conjure up images of holiday celebrations, and yellow and red may make you crave a hot dog. Summer's liveliness, on the other hand, actually makes wearing particularly bright color combinations appealing. The idea is to use one hue as the foundation and the other as a compliment!

Select one printed basic

You don't have to stick to one vivid color in your wardrobe all of the time. Color block or patterned dresses, for example, might aid to blend a variety of striking colors to produce an eye-catching design. When it comes to accessories, though, it's best to keep to the strong outfit's color palette rather than mixing in extra colors that can clash.

Go sheer

If you’re a neutral girl and bright colors seem a bit too intimidating to you, tone it down a bit by opting for clothes on the sheerer side. For people who want to make a dramatic fashion statement, but don’t want to appear as loud as what bold shades portray, sheer clothing items are an excellent alternative. In fact, transparent clothes may be incorporated into outfits for work, recreation, and even errands. With sheer dresses, if you want to be daring, wear opaque underwear underneath. This outfit is surely an eye-catcher at nightclubs and dance parties. On the other hand, you can wear a translucent dress over a matching camisole and slip if you're more conservative and don’t want to flash your bras. If your translucent dress is really lengthy, you can layer it with a short body-hugging dress. The possibilities are truly endless!

Try going head-to-toe

Matching the hue for your entire ensemble is one of the most elegant ways to wear a hyper-bright color (think fuchsia, emerald, or ruby). Monochromatic clothes exude opulence and sophistication. They're also quite flattering! There are no visual interruptions or contrasts to distract the eye from the long and beautiful silhouette created by the lines.

Play with texture

Using texture to add variety to your clothing is a terrific method to achieve a unique look. When the components are all of clearly different materials, even a style that is all solid colors becomes eye-catching. Take some time to consider this, even if you haven't given it any attention before. Once you’ve got the hang of mixing and matching textures, turning your regular wardrobe into a runway closet will become a piece of cake. 

Play around with different kinds of fabric textures, starting from simple ones like silk and sheer mesh, which can bring a touch of femininity to any of your fit. Silk has a smooth, lustrous feel that makes it ideal for more formal wear. Silk is exceptionally gorgeous because of the way light bounces off it. Along with silk, mesh items are also quite eye-catching and may be a great way to add a pop of color to any ensemble. After you’ve mastered basic textures, moving on to more complex ones such as organza will be no hassle.

While knowing what colors fit your skin tone is vital, you may easily experiment to see what works best for you. By experimenting with different shades of your favorite color, you'll most likely find a palette you like and be ready to put together a colorful uniform in no time. We hope our guide has given you some bold inspirations so you can try adding some daring vivid shades into your closet. Join our fashion journey this exciting new season by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for chicest fashion updates every week!


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