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Maxine Twill Dress MEAN BLVD

Maxine A-line Corset Wool Twill Midi Dress

If you are looking for a dress that is light, elegant but still highlighted the wearer’s style, this item will be a perfect choice that you can’t miss. Product Details...
Clover Curve Neckline Dress MEAN BLVD

Clover Fit and Flare Curved Neck Sandy Crepe Midi Dress

The combination of modern and classic, the collar is designed with a curve design to bring a special highlight to the outfit. The pleated skirt creates a bulge for the...
Rosette Bowtie Neck Dress MEAN BLVD

Rosette A-line Bow Tie Ribbed Scuba Midi Dress

This flamboyant dress with a unique shoulder and bowtie neckline as the highlight will bring a light and feminine feeling for the lady. Product Details - Product type: Midi Dress-...
Positive V-Neck Jumpsuit MEAN BLVD

Positive V-Neck Jumpsuit

This is an elegant choice but still exudes elegance and charm for the wearer. This item is suitable for many different activities. Note:*Processing time takes 10-15 working days (including 7-10...
Meir Peplum Gilet MEAN BLVD

Meir Peplum Gilet

This trend is being popularized by girls and fashionistas who like personality and elegance. A design is suitable for this season also brings a fashionable look for the wearer. Product...
Drusilla Princess Set MEAN BLVD

Drusilla Princess Set

Classic textures combined with stylized skirts create a luxurious and poetic design. Set of clothes to help the wearer stand out in any situation. Note:*Processing time takes 12-15 working days...
Joss Bowtie Neckline Top MEAN BLVD

Joss Bowtie Neckline Top

If you looking for a classic and elegant design don't miss the sweet outfit, bringing the colors of the festival atmosphere and helping her weave a beautiful picture. Send her...
Estella Pencil Midi Dress MEAN BLVD

Estella Pegged Short Sleeved Silk Taffeta Midi Dress

You are looking for a dress that is light, elegant but still shows the charm of the wearer. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working days (NOT including shipping time).**The product can...
Topaz Long Sleeved Top MEAN BLVD

Topaz Long Sleeved Top

This long sleeves top accentuates her elegance and sophistication. Suitable for both work and formal activities. Note:*Processing time takes 18-20 working days (including 10-15 working days for manufacturing and NOT...
Victor Drop Waist Dress MEAN BLVD

Victor Drop Waist Dress

This dress skillfully brings out a gentle tone, helping the muse to confidently mark the style map. With a flattering design on a trendy black background, the item gently depicts...
Stephen Round Neck Dress MEAN BLVD

Stephen Round Neck Dress

This outfit gently awakens the emotions full of deposition and sophistication in the muse. Wearing a beautiful outfit, you confidently transform into a contemporary elegant lady, both gentle and trendy,...
Sophia Sequin Socks MEAN BLVD

Sophia Sequin Socks

The sparkling socks are eye-catching items for ladies to combine with various kinds of dresses of this collection, making your move shine and bright. Note:*Processing time takes 7-10 working days...
Anaya Sides Pleated Dress MEAN BLVD

Anaya Fit and Flare Round Neck Tweed Midi Dress

The dress is highlighted with a cape design to enhance the elegant and chic of the wearer. When you wear this item with a see-through shirt, it will look more...
Davis Tweed Dress MEAN BLVD

Davis A-line Middle Sleeved Tweed Midi Dress

The dress with the chest cup detail in the cropped technique help the wearer look slimmer. Decorative brand name lace line with fringed line on tweed background is very elegant...
Snyder See-Through Shirt MEAN BLVD

Snyder See-Through Shirt

This see-through shirt is easy to mix and match with a cape or sleeveless items. Product Details - Product type: Shirt- Material: Mesh, Polyester- Wing collar - Long sleeves -...
Nielsen Middle Sleeves Dress MEAN BLVD

Nielsen A-line Crossover Neck Polyester Midi Dress

The highlight is the high neckline that can be flexibly opened and closed in colder weather or make a bow tie. Suitable for different types of activities. Product Details -...
Scarlet A-Line Midi Dress MEAN BLVD

Scarlet A-line Short Sleeved Punto Midi Dress

If you are looking for a dress that has a simple design but still stands out in the crowd, this item may be what you are looking for, a colorful...
Tyler A-line Square Neck Mesh Sheer Midi Dress - MEAN BLVD

Tyler A-line Square Neck Mesh Sheer Midi Dress

The design is made of soft mesh fabric with a fancy pleated technique, long sleeves, and puffy shoulders. The square neckline is both classic and modern, giving the ladies feminine...
Jena Flap Pocket Dress MEAN BLVD

Jena Flap Pocket Dress

The strapless dress with A-line forms create a floating, feminine. Very suitable for walking, going out and traveling. Product Details - Product type: Midi Dress- Material: Taffeta- Flap pocket -...
Laine Mandarin Collar Dress MEAN BLVD

Laine Mandarin Collar Dress

This dress is made of burlap and tussah silk fabric, which is suitable for every weather. With a youthful color and mandarin collar design, this item will be a good...

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