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Browse relaxed pieces from the Lay In The Sun Collection featuring midi dresses, skirts and tops in lightweight fabrics. Elegant silhouettes promote comfort through breathable materials and intricate details for lounging in the sun.
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Amos Chest Cup Dress MEAN BLVD

Amos Sheath Chest Cup Viscose Midi Dress

The dress brings elegance and high class to the wearer by design and color. Suitable for parties and formal events. Product Details - Product type: Midi Dress- Material: Viscose, Wool-...
Violette Bowtie Skirt MEAN BLVD

Violette Bowtie Skirt

This A-line skirt combined with big bowie details will be an extremely unique and personal looks combination but still feminine and luxurious. Product Details - Product type: Skirt - Material:...
Zoelie Asymmetric Shoulder Top MEAN BLVD

Zoelie Asymmetric Shoulder Top

This classic but high-fashion design with asymmetrical shoulders and good stretchy material creates a strong but extremely seductive look. Product Details - Product type: Long Sleeved Top- Material: Cotton Jersey-...
Vianca Organza Skirt MEAN BLVD

Vianca Organza Skirt

This skirt is a must-have design in the wardrobe of the ladies who love the natural but still have chic style. Product Details - Product type: Skirt- Material: Organza, Lace-...

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