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The Newest Products collection highlights the most recently added items to the site with pieces featuring innovative designs such as fringed-hem sets, pearl-embellished accessories and flowy Ao Dais handcrafted utilizing premium fabrics for a fresh update to your wardrobe.
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Aju Wool Pyjamas Set MEAN BLVD

Aju Wool Pyjamas Set

This set made of soft wool fabric has the ability to keep warm well, bringing relaxing and comfortable moments for girls in their familiar home. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working...
Lily Tweed Jacket MEAN BLVD

Lily Tweed Jacket

The jacket with high quality and personalized design can both keep the wearer warm and be fashionable at the same time. Note:*Processing time takes 5-7 working days (including 2-3 working...
Paltrow High-Waist Skorts MEAN BLVD

Paltrow High-Waist Skorts

This A-line skorts is an indispensable item in a women's wardrobe. This skirt is suitable for anyone interested in an elegant style. Suitable for both hanging out and events Note:*Processing...
Terrence Notched Collar Blazer MEAN BLVD

Terrence Notched Collar Blazer

The menswear trend is being popularized by girls and fashionistas who like personality and elegance. This design is suitable for this season also extremely fashionable and trendy. Note:*Processing time takes...
Neala Rose Organza Set MEAN BLVD

Neala Rose Organza Set

"White" is always a beautiful, simple but inspiring color that changes depending on the hands of the artisan, a sweet but also very magnificent dress. Combined with a coat is...
Lani Red Set MEAN BLVD

Lani Red Set

Red is full of highlights and charm. The highlight is the meticulously hand-crafted attachment at the neckline, the handcuffs help girls easily conceal their flaws. The dress has a very...
Jena Brown Set MEAN BLVD

Jena Brown Set

The set combines the blazer embroidered lines that weave a picture full of art and elegance. The chest cup dress creates a beauty that is both fragile and attractive. Suitable...
Grainne Fringed Hem Set MEAN BLVD

Grainne Fringed Hem Set

"The Girl and the Deer" is a painting inspired by an old Norse story, the floral and forest motifs are delicately attached to create a feeling of floating, elegant brown...
Drusilla Princess Set MEAN BLVD

Drusilla Princess Set

Classic textures combined with stylized skirts create a luxurious and poetic design. Set of clothes to help the wearer stand out in any situation. Note:*Processing time takes 12-15 working days...
Bridget Puffy Set MEAN BLVD

Bridget Puffy Set

The whole set feels sophisticated and elegant. The pink color is sweet and feminine, not too harsh, but enough to make the girls fall in love. Note:*Processing time takes 12-15...
Lita Violet Set MEAN BLVD

Lita Violet Set

The highlight of the elegant purple color is the attractive and prominent rhinestones at the shoulder. The combination of puffy tops and skirts created the perfect outfit. The muses will...
Paige Feather Set MEAN BLVD

Paige Feather Set

We want to introduce to our customers a set of clothes that are both sweet and feminine, yet seductive, sexy, new, and attractive. From the simple things, the halter top,...
Sadie Flower Set MEAN BLVD

Sadie Flower Set

Yellow color brings prominence and diversity in variations and preferences, expressing the designer's ego, but also exalting the wearer's figure. A set of bright and polite and extremely attractive clothes...
Ellie Halter Neck Dress MEAN BLVD

Ellie A-line Halter Neck Tweed Mini Dress

The wine red design will be an extremely impressive highlight for the girls on special occasions. The delicate cut-out lines and crystals accentuate the slim line of the neck, along...
Mia A-Line Mini Dress MEAN BLVD

Mia A-line Cape Shoulder Tweed Mini Dress

The gold color is attractive and full of sophistication, the dress is simple but very striking. Simple elegant design but no less luxurious helps girls confidently wear it, suitable for...
Dudheker Silk Pants MEAN BLVD

Dudheker Silk Pants

The pants are an indispensable thing that always goes with the flowing “Ao Dai”. With a modern design but still retains the traditional features and can be combined with many...
Rosalind Pleated Sleeves Ao Dai MEAN BLVD

Rosalind Pleated Sleeves Ao Dai

This ao dai with unique wide pleated sleeves designs along with high-quality materials will be the choice of girls not to be missed during the holidays. Product Details - Product...
Kwafina Mao Neckline Ao Dai MEAN BLVD

Kwafina Mao Neckline Ao Dai

The outfit used high-quality materials and basic design to enhance the traditional, gentle and elegant beauty of Vietnamese girls. Product Details - Product type: Ao Dai- Material: Velvet - Mao...
Wenzu Heart Crystal Ao Dai MEAN BLVD

Wenzu Heart Crystal Ao Dai

This is a design that preserves the traditional, gentle, and feminine features of Vietnamese girls. With the heart crystal details that accentuate the outfit, this will be the choice that...
Hazel Silk Shirt MEAN BLVD

Hazel Silk Shirt

The trendy purple shirt is suitable for working and dating outfits. You can mix with pants or a skirt to match your style will make you prominent when appearing. *Note:Processing...

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