Mellifluous Collection - White Plan

Immerse yourself in feminine style with the collection featuring luxurious dresses in soft white and nude shades. Each A-line silhouette is expertly crafted to embrace the natural female form. Discover timeless wardrobe staples designed with delicate details to complement your beauty from day to night.
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Carol Puffy Shoulder Dress MEAN BLVD

Carol Pleated Cuff Sleeved Organza Midi Dress

The puffy shoulder dress with high-quality organza material and softly pleated skirt, this item is dedicated to you in those autumn days. More specifically, the item is also covered with...
Donna Drop Shoulder Dress MEAN BLVD

Donna A-line Off-Shoulder Burlap Silk Knee-length Dress

The dress with drop shoulder, high-quality fabric, and a charming, elegant design. Suitable for romantic dates. Product Details - Product type: Knee-length Dress- Material: Burlap, Tussah Silk- Drop shoulder -...
Emma Folded Sleeves Dress MEAN BLVD

Emma A-line Round Neck Burlap Silk Midi Dress

This folded sleeves dress style is very harmonious, bringing a youthful and dynamic feeling, very suitable for walking and going out. Product Details - Product type: Midi Dress- Material: Burlap,...
Laine Mandarin Collar Dress MEAN BLVD

Laine A-line Mandarin Neck Burlap Silk Midi Dress

This dress is made of burlap and tussah silk fabric, which is suitable for every weather. With a youthful color and mandarin collar design, this item will be a good...
Queeny Square Neck Dress MEAN BLVD

Queeny A-line Square Neck Velvet Midi Dress

This dress with an elegant square-neck white dress, double button lines, and a large and elegant front body. Suitable for dating or hanging out. Product Details - Product type: Midi...
Roise Pleated Dress MEAN BLVD

Roise Pleated High Neck Lace Midi Dress

The dress with the unique wavy lace fabric helps the wearer become attractive and bright in every frame. The design is a great choice for ladies who love feminine beauty...
Scott Lace Sleeves Top MEAN BLVD

Scott Lace Sleeves Top

Full of elegance, dynamism and modernity in one outfit. Put on a striking design to feel confident and energetic. Product Details - Product type: Long Sleeved Top - Material: Burlap,...
Scott Sides Pleated Skirt MEAN BLVD

Scott Sides Pleated Skirt

This skirt with basic white color and sides pleated as a highlight is sure to make the wearer fall in love at the first sight. Product Details - Product type:...
Willow Bowtie Line Dress MEAN BLVD

Willow A-line Long Sleeved Cotton Mini Dress

Not only by the unique variation of the vest, but the item also impresses with the delicate hand-tied bows. Striking and sweet, this is the design that elevates the chic,...

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