Xeo Xo

Being asked about the special meaning behind the word “Xeo Xo”, it's hardly explained because in Vietnamese, it originally has no meaning at all. It is you who come up with your own definition by the way you wear and feel "Xeo Xo". It is up to you to interpret and create your own concept; they only provide the raw materials. 

Not following any trend, Xeo Xo just wants to provide comfy and be-yourself pieces of clothing. With the hope for young women to augment their femininity, confidence and self-love, their designs are mostly made from delicate and loose materials. Xeo Xo hope you will always have good feeling and feel intimate in their clothes.

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Diem Chung Floral Ao Dai MEAN BLVD

Diem Chung Floral Ao Dai

Lovely in a light pink tone, the Ao Dai gently draws an image of a young and innocent girl. A two-flap design combined with romantic floral patterns makes her every...

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