From Feb 3 - Feb 10, pick a selected accessory (valued 25$) from CUOI for FREE when spending more than $299 and perfect your look. Gift list appears at checkout and customers can choose one product from it.

  1. Choose items and add them to cart for the value of higher than $299
  2. Choose a gift from our list for your order
  3. Purchase the order and we will send the gift item along with your order

Terms and conditions:

  1. All items of promotion and gift cards cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged in any case
  2. Bill from $300 excluding shipping fee
  3. Customers can pick 1 out of 3 selected items at checkout
  4. The promotion can not applied at the same time with other promotions
  5. Promotion is eligible from 00:01 (GMT+7) Feb 3rd until 23:59 (GMT+7) Feb 10th
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