It was born out of a passion for research on sea mussels - one of the treasures of the ocean, the Long Beach Pearl brand was established with the goal of making pearls a special gift for domestic and international customers. The founder of LBP incorporates meaningful messages and stories into each piece of jewelry, so they have vibrant colors and a soul.

Long Beach Pearl is the only unit in the pearl jewelry industry, exclusively designing and manufacturing crowns for national beauty contests such as Miss Vietnam and Miss Universe Vietnam.

10 year journey of the pearl

In addition, Long Beach Pearl also participates in domestic and international fashion shows with top Vietnamese designers including Cong Tri, Hoang Hai, Le Thanh Hoa, Vo Cong Khanh, etc.

Yen Collection - Adrian Anh Tuan - 2019

Fashion Show Do Manh Cuong - 2019

Fashion Voyage - Show Le Thanh Hoa

Regarding the honor, Long Beach Pearl has garnered a lot of admiration for many years.

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Leading brand in 2015

Brand of the Year 2015