Created to celebrate the Lunar New Year and the tigers represent the year. With more than 50 designs from casual to festive wear, all converge in a collection called "Touch". Patterns of tiger stripes, leopards, houndstooth, etc. designed by Valenciani on products from skirts, jackets to trousers.

Feel free to experiment with elegant and modern style in warm winter colors with trendy houndstooth motifs that you cannot lack in the 2022 festive season.

A special part of "Touching"
inspired by the morning mist
spreading through the pine
forests of the Northwest
mountains was hand-
painted by Valenciani.

The ombre pattern is
simulated and printed
on silky soft silk fabric with
nude shades that change
from dark to light, creative
with 8 easy-to-wear styles.                                   

Get into the spirit of the Lunar New Year with a selection of clothing in a tight color palette feature the tiger motifs, in reference to the zodiac animal representing the new year.

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