Daniel Short Sleeved Dress MEAN BLVD
Daniel Short Sleeved Dress MEAN BLVD
Daniel Short Sleeved Dress MEAN BLVD

Daniel Drop Waist Short Sleeved Organza Mini Dress

البائع: 21Six

Size: S


Color: Beige

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This straight-form dress with hibiscus patterns emphasizes ruffle skirt will bring a summer vibe to your look, whether you choose wearing daily or holiday.

Product Details
- Product type: Knee Length Dress
- Material: Organza
- Straight form
- Short sleeves
- Round neck
- Ruffle layer skirt
- Hibiscus floral patterns
- Length: 102cm

Size & Fit

- Model wears size: S
- Model measurement: 82-64-86

Care Instruction
Silk is easy to scratch and stretch, so users need to be more careful.
- Dry clean
- Hand wash with warm water
- Do not wash with other fabrics.
- Do not soak, rub or squeeze out the water.
- Do not expose to direct sunlight.
- Choose a ventilated area for drying.
- It is recommended to use a steam iron and iron on the reverse side of the product.
- Do not expose the iron to high heat (recommended 120-140°C)
تفاصيل المنتج
Product description:
  • Production time: 15 working days - 20 working days (not including shipping time)
  • Special Features: Hibiscus floral patterns
  • Apparel Silhouette: Drop Waist
  • Material: Organza
  • Product's Length: 102cm
  • Fitting Type: Relaxed fit
  • Neck Style: Round neck
  • Sleeve style: Cap Sleeve
  • تعليمات العناية

    Hand wash

    Do not bleach

    Do not wring

    Dry flat

    Iron on low heat

    Do not tumble dry


    • Hand wash: Hand wash organza garments in cold water with a gentle detergent to avoid damage.
    • Do not bleachOrganza fabric can be damaged by bleach. Avoid using bleach or any detergent containing bleach.
    • Rinse thoroughly: After washing, rinse the organza garment thoroughly to remove all soap residues.
    • Do not wring: Avoid wringing out the fabric, as this can cause damage. Gently squeeze out excess water instead.
    • Dry flat: Lay the organza garment flat on a clean, dry towel or drying rack to air dry.
    • Iron on low heat: If needed, iron organza garments on the lowest heat setting or use a steamer. Place a pressing cloth between the iron and the fabric to prevent damage.
    • Do not tumble dry: Organza fabric can be damaged by high heat, so avoid using a tumble dryer.
    • Dry clean: For the best results and to maintain the longevity of the garment, consider professional dry cleaning, especially if the organza is combined with other delicate fabrics or has embellishments.