Most countries have their own traditional dresses, such as Japanese Kimono, Korean Hanbok, and Chinese Cheongsam. Vietnam is no exception, having a traditional long dress, known as Ao Dai, an exquisite yet so beautiful dress that contains the beauty of one person. It is related to Vietnamese culture, people, history, and so on.

What is Ao Dai?

The traditional Vietnamese dress, "Ao Dai," which showcases glamour, charm, and enchantment, has been around for a couple of hundred years and has undergone many changes over time. Essentially, it is a close-fitting blouse with long panels on the front and back that is worn over loose white, black, or matching trousers. Ao Dai design is sometimes customized with a different neckline or sleeve length to make it as per the needs and tastes of modern women. For example, the neckline can be round, boat neckline, European style vest neckline, or a high collar. The sleeves can be elbow-length instead of wrist-length. 

Wearing Ao Dai

Áo Dài – a tight-fitting silk tunic paired with pants – representative of Vietnamese femininity, is usually worn at festivals like Tết and other formal occasions such as graduation, engagement parties, and weddings. In Tet (Lunar new year) holiday, women love to wear Ao Dai to participate in the New Year's ceremony, visit the pagodas to pray for a happy year, and take family photos. 

Today, to cater to the diverse demand of Vietnamese women and the energetic festival's activities in Tet holiday, a wide variety of stylish, fashionable Ao Dais have appeared.

Trending Ao Dais for Tet

When the Lunar New Year is just about to knock at the door, here are the most prominent Ao Dai trends in this Lunar New Year fashion that can unfold your style elegance and tenderness on Tet. We bet the latest trends of Ao Dai are bringing a piece of cake for every woman, whether she is a waist flattering design picker or more on the side of gentle color and comfortable couture.

Pleated Ao Dai

Pleated Ao Dai silhouette being the latest innovative style in the year of the Tiger 2022, is blinking brightly on the couture fashion horizon. Playful cuts with soft curving edges brilliantly accentuate the curves of every woman. The pleated ones are going to be one of the hottest Ao Dai trends of 2022.

Patterned & Floral Ao Dai

The Ao Dais featuring images and prints outlining cultural values are must-haves for your latest Tet wardrobe 2022. The designs are suitable for many New Year activities such as spring travel, friends, and family meetups. Or dress up in some gentle, subtle Lam Khue floral prints, motifs that will enhance your serene and fragile beauty for the festivities.

Silk & Velvet Ao Dai

Silk and velvet both materials show ethereal nostalgia for the innovative New Year’s outfits. If the elegance of silk fabric will bring gentle beauty, soft velvet costumes will enhance the beauty of the wearer.

Tweed Dress

Where organza, linen, brocade, and taffeta are top choices of designers every year, tweed fabric Ao Dai is getting popular among girls and young ladies to welcome the new year. Tweed Ao Dai keeps its form and beautifully embraces the body's cues and curves to give the wearer an accent while creating a bold yet stylish look.

Go with Gentle Pastels or Sharp Hues

The soft pastels, including blue, and pink are perfect for many different activities. While yellow, bright pink, C.Dam luscious reds, and other cheerful colors from 21Six collection  that are believed to bring good luck and a good start in the new year would look great on New Year’s Eve, festivity dinners, and parties.


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