Let's face it, coming up with a fresh work outfit every day is difficult. The last thing you want to do when you work in an office for five days a week and are surrounded by the same people for eight hours a day, is showing up in the same clothing you wore the day before. However, finding the time in the morning to search through your closet and locate an outfit that your coworkers haven't seen yet might be challenging. The solution to this dilemma is to stock your closet with vital and adaptable pieces that can be worn with a variety of different outfits to keep your appearance fresh. Keep reading to find out our recommendation for the business wardrobe staples that every working woman should invest in.

Business Suits and Blazers to keep your meetings professional

Every business woman's wardrobe should include at least one perfectly fitting suit. This is the must-have attire to wear to crucial business meetings and events. Our suggestion is purchasing blazers that can be switched out every time you wear the business suit to get the most out of it. The secret is to wear classic blazers. When you want to level up your style, opt for blazers that are more stylish, more complex and more striking. Having a variety of blazers is the simplest way to change up your outfit. To keep you ready for both formal and easygoing circumstances, choose one professional business blazer and another blazer that shows up on a softer, more casual side. The Chani Blazer, for example, is a simple way to dress up any outfit and can be tossed on top of almost anything. Plus, the blazer’s vivid red shade can add a pop of color to your overall fit, or can simply be combined with matching pants to create a foolproof spicy professional look. Every lady should have a trendy blazer in her wardrobe in addition to a formal blazer, for those days when she wants to spruce up her look. A velvet blazer such as the Acacia Blazer is the best way to look sophisticated but elegant, whether you have a lunch meeting or an after-work party.

Shirts essential for daily work wear

It's no secret that if you work full-time in an office, you'll need five different business shirts for each day. It's time to step out of your comfort zone and stop wearing similar shirts that bring your life nothing but boredom. Buying five identical shirts in the same color and style is the worst thing you could do to your closet, and of course, yourself! One of the easiest methods to keep your work attire diverse is to mix it up and try out new colors, textures, designs, and forms. When you browse online, you'll see that there are lots of work shirts to select from, and finding five different ones that look decent might be difficult. Don’t sweat just yet, this assortment we have curated will provide you with a wide range of colors and designs that may be used with any skirt or trouser.

Business dresses to get you ready for any formal event

There will be days when you don't want to wear a two-piece, and these are the days when a dress comes in handy. Having two distinct work dresses in your closet allows you to rotate between wearing a shirt and bottoms and a dress each day. Although there is a large selection of dresses on the market, there is a criterion to follow when selecting a work dress. First and foremost, the length must be appropriate. Mini dresses, therefore, may not be acceptable, depending on your business. Second, a work dress can't be too exposing, as backless or cutaway dresses aren't considered professional. Finally, the design should be pleasing to the eye. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a little flash and glamor for a party, but it might not be appropriate for day-to-day work. The best option is to go for a dress that is more muted and modest, as you can always accessorize if you want to dress up.

Trench coats to keep any look together

A trench coat is the last professional wardrobe must-have. The trench coat is ideal for your work commute since it provides warmth, style, and convenience. The long length makes trench coats simple to layer over any outfit, and the classic button and belt design creates a lovely silhouette. Choose from classic styles like the Harrelson Coat, made of warm and comfy wool, or more modern styles like the more remarkable Winona Coat, with pleated sides that will surely make your outfit the highlight of the office. In any case, a trench coat will tie your entire costume together and guarantee that you appear attractive and professional, from the moment you leave your house until you return home.

Curating your 9-to-5 wardrobe is the perfect time to give your closet the update it needs, with so many options of entirely office-appropriate attire that's attractive, comfy to wear, and even fun to build outfits. We hope our guide has given you some stylish inspirations for you to give your workwear closet a makeover. Join our fashion journey this exciting new season by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for chicest fashion updates every week!


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