The City Of Love Collection - 21Six

 Inspired by the dynamic and bustling life of city girls, 21SIX brings The City Of Love collection honoring the haughty, elegant, luxurious and sophisticated beauty of the girls. Red, Beige, White, Black are the main colors, accompanied by lace, flying silk and mesh to depict the charming but extremely attractive beauty of urban girls.

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Kravitz Camisole Dress MEAN BLVD

Kravitz Layered Camisole Silk Ankle Length Dress

If you are looking for a dress that is sexy, chic, and highlighted the wearer’s shape, this item will be a perfect choice that you can’t miss. Product Details -...
Robert Lace Dress MEAN BLVD

Robert Fit and Flare Short Sleeved Lace Midi Dress

This is a design that uses high-quality materials and extremely prominent colors and designs that emphasize elegance, femininity but are still extremely seductive and sexy. Product Details - Product type:...
Jayme Gathered Skirt MEAN BLVD

Jayme Gathered Skirt

This unique and high fashion skirt with a glamorous design will highlight the lady styles. Product Details - Product type: Skirt - Material: Taffeta- Midi length - A-line skirt -...
Turtuo Notched Lapel Blazer MEAN BLVD

Turtuo Notched Lapel Blazer

This is a youthful and elegant design with delicate details that will be very suitable for outings or street walks. Product Details - Product type: Blazer - Material: Korean Texture-...
Penguin Ruffle Line Dress MEAN BLVD

Penguin Fit and Flare Camisole Mesh Sheer Maxi Dress

Elegant, youthful, and trendy are the adjectives to describe this amazing design. Can be easily worn in many different activities. Product Details - Product type: Midi Dress- Material: Mesh Sheer-...
Pattinson V-Neck Dress MEAN BLVD

Pattinson Gathered V-Neck Organza Maxi Dress

The design of the flared skirt pushes the hips, which are extremely youthful and flattering, suitable for ladies in important events and parties. Product Details - Product type: Midi Dress-...
Swaroski Feathers Skirt MEAN BLVD

Swaroski Feathers Skirt

This is an elegant choice but still exudes elegance and charm for the wearer. This item is suitable for many different activities. Product Details - Product type: Skirt- Material: Feathers-...
Turtuo Chest Cup Crop Top MEAN BLVD

Turtuo Chest Cup Crop Top

The item with unique lines and designs will contribute to exalting the glamorous, elegance of the wearer. Product Details - Product type: Crop Top- Material: Lace- Chest cup - Camisole...

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