Luong Gieng Bracelet

Vendor: Cuoi

Material: Bronze



Silk-Sowing Destiny
Originated from the wet rice culture of Vietnamese rural farmers. The image of a man and woman being "sow" into each other the seeds of shyness, purity, and a slight fluttering. Accompanied by confusion, anxiety, and desire to possess in the minds of the young, like the first silks sent to each other, the hopes are so strong that we can only live to the fullest and Cherish every moment together.
Somewhere, the images borrowed silk - sowing seeds as a deposit of faith for each other because, at that time, we had nothing but hope and pure faith for each other, for good vibes."

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Product Details

- Product type: Bracelet
- Material: 18k gold-plated bronze, 18k gold-plated silver
- Shape: Rice grains
- Spring ring clasp

Care Instruction
The bronze material is made with an exclusive formula, has a stable magnetic field, and has a deep, warm color. It has the ability to absorb toxins in the body through the sweat glands.
Additional Information

Bronze, Silver


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