Roots Earrings MEAN BLVD

Roots Earrings

Vendor: Cuoi

Color: Bronze


Type: Pair

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Short Summary

- 18k gold-plated bronze

Characteristics: The bronze material is made with exclusive formula, has a stable magnetic field, and a deep, warm color. It has the ability to absorb toxins in the body through the sweat glands.

- 18k gold-plated silver

Characteristics: The 950 silver is used to make their products, with up to 95% silver metal in the compound. 950 silver helps products achieve a brighter color and is more valuable than other types of 925 silver on the market. The surface of the product is plated with a layer of 18k gold to make the product more durable under the impact of the environment.

Product Detail
Product description:
  • Production time: 15 working days - 20 working days (not including shipping time)