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Designer Spotlight: DO LONG – The Luminary of Vietnamese Fashion


Designer Spotlight: DO LONG – The Luminary of Vietnamese Fashion - MEAN BLVD

 In the vibrant tapestry of the Vietnamese fashion industry, one name stands out for its distinctive blend of elegance, innovation, and cultural homage: Do Long. Esteemed as one of Vietnam's most talented designers, Do Long has carved a niche for himself, not just within the confines of his homeland but on the international stage, earning admiration from fashion aficionados and celebrities alike. His designs, celebrated for their intricate detailing, bold use of color, and seamless integration of traditional Vietnamese elements with contemporary flair, have become a symbol of modern Vietnamese elegance.

Early Life and Career Beginnings of Do Long

Do Long is a prominent Vietnamese stylist and fashion designer, renowned for his work with the esteemed fashion brand Nick Dragon. He has collaborated with a host of celebrities, including Ngọc Trinh, Angela Phương Trinh, Linh Chi, and Minh Triệu, playing a pivotal role in shaping the style of numerous female stars. Born on April 23, 1984, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Do Long is currently 41 years old (as of 2024).

Before embarking on his journey as a stylist, Do Long pursued a degree in civil engineering to fulfill his family's expectations. However, after three years of working in an office, he realized that it did not align with his true self. This realization led him to pivot towards fashion, where he has since made significant strides, collaborating with numerous prominent Vietnamese stars. Driven by his passion for fashion, he opened a small shop named Nick Dragon, which has now grown into a major domestic fashion brand with aspirations for international recognition.

Design Philosophy and Inspirations

Do Long's design philosophy is deeply rooted in the celebration of femininity and sensuality, with a clear focus on accentuating the body's form through bold and innovative cuts. His inspirations are drawn from the desire to empower women, making them feel confident and glamorous in their skin. This philosophy extends beyond mere aesthetics, embodying a commitment to craftsmanship and personalization, as seen in his hands-on approach with clients and meticulous attention to detail in his designs.

In June 2018, Do Long embarked on a groundbreaking venture by hosting his first fashion show to unveil the Spring/Summer 2018 collection at the Quan Khu 7 Stadium. Aiming for a venue spacious enough to accommodate an immersive audio-visual experience, he transformed the arena into a nightclub setting, employing state-of-the-art lighting technology. The designer disclosed that the budget for the stage and technological setup alone soared into the billions of Vietnamese dong, underscoring his commitment to delivering an unparalleled presentation. This ambitious endeavor marked a significant milestone in Do Long's career, setting a new standard for fashion shows with its innovative use of space and technology.

News of his show spread quickly, capturing the attention of many who eagerly anticipated the high-tech stage performances featuring stunning outfits and exquisite designs. This buzz highlighted the growing excitement around what was promised to be not just a fashion show, but a spectacle of technology and style. The anticipation built around the event showcased the public's growing interest in innovative fashion presentations that merge traditional aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, setting a new benchmark for what audiences could expect from the fashion industry.

A Businessperson Needs a Broad Vision

 Although he did not originally study fashion, Do Long has achieved considerable success in the design field. He works with some of the most demanding stars in showbiz. On social media, he's become a popular TikToker, known for his humorous persona. Now, Do Long is gradually becoming an influencer in the Vietnamese fashion scene.

His success didn't happen overnight. Before officially becoming a fashion designer, Do Long spent a long time working in various jobs. From sales for fashion magazines to styling for numerous projects, big and small. These roles didn't just provide him with experience and a broader perspective on the industry. They also offered opportunities to expand his network within the fashion and art world.

"I constantly seek and learn"

Even with years of design experience under his belt, Do Long emphasizes the critical importance of staying updated with knowledge. He remarks, "I'm not getting any younger, while the youth culture changes every day. To avoid falling behind, I have no choice but to diligently follow the trends!" His daily routine starts with checking Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok for inspiration and learning.

Every morning, he dedicates time to reading fashion news and browsing social media. This habit helps him keep pace with the fast-moving world. Thus, it's no surprise that his TikTok videos attract a significant viewership. His active presence and clean image on social media have opened numerous opportunities for expanding his business. Do Long's strategy of continuous learning and adapting to trends serves as a powerful example for professionals in any field, highlighting the importance of staying relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape.

From a Designer Celebrating Beauty to a Million-View TikToker

It might not be an overstatement to call Do Long the "king" of social media. His personal brand is omnipresent across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Weibo.

Do Long has invested a considerable amount of effort into building his personal brand. Initially handling every aspect of video content creation and writing by himself, he has now professionalized the process with a dedicated team for social media image crafting. He views this as a crucial first step towards international market expansion in the future. This strategic move not only amplifies his presence but also showcases his savvy in leveraging social media to reach a wider audience, setting the stage for his aspirations beyond the Vietnamese fashion scene.

Wrapping up our journey through the vibrant world of Do Long, it's clear that his impact on Vietnamese fashion is both profound and transformative. From his early days of groundbreaking runway shows to becoming a beloved figure on social media, Do Long exemplifies the spirit of innovation and resilience. His ability to stay ahead of trends while fostering a deep connection with his audience is a testament to his visionary approach.

Do Long's story is more than just a tale of fashion; it's about the relentless pursuit of passion and the courage to redefine boundaries. His journey from designing awe-inspiring collections to becoming a powerhouse on social media platforms serves as an inspiring blueprint for aspiring designers and entrepreneurs. The blend of his artistic talent with a knack for digital savviness has not only elevated his brand but also enriched the Vietnamese fashion landscape.

As we look forward to Do Long's future endeavors, it's exciting to ponder how he will continue to influence and shape the industry. His plans to expand internationally promise to bring Vietnamese fashion to the global stage, showcasing the rich culture and creativity of Vietnam to the world. Do Long's journey reminds us that at the intersection of tradition and innovation lies the potential for something truly extraordinary.

In conclusion, Do Long stands as a beacon of creativity and perseverance, a luminary whose light shines brightly in the Vietnamese fashion sky. His legacy is one of inspiration, encouraging us all to chase our dreams with the same fervor and vision that he brings to the world of fashion. The saga of Do Long is far from over, and the fashion world waits with bated breath for what's next from this dynamic designer.


Heidi Truong, a Master’s student in Fashion Design and Engineering at Donghua University, blends traditional Vietnamese influences with modern design trends. Through her blog, Heidi shares insights on fashion trends, design techniques, and the fusion of culture and contemporary style. 




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