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Unlocking the Secrets of TikTok Fashion: 7 Influencers to Follow for Style Inspiration


Unlocking the Secrets of TikTok Fashion: 7 Influencers to Follow for Style Inspiration - MEAN BLVD

Whether TikTok is a gateway for fashion brands to new communication opportunities is still a difficult question, and perhaps more time is needed to verify this. However, for fashion enthusiasts looking for a place to expand their knowledge without being too dry or rigid, alongside an Instagram with carefully curated images, TikTok is sure to take a "share" thanks to content conveyed on catchy music and glittering effects, making it easy to "capture people's hearts."

If you're willing to follow and learn from the 7 TikTokers in the fashion field below, you'll definitely fill your knowledge and elevate your style.

1. @tayhage

Even before joining TikTok, Tay Hage was a famous fashion blogger on Instagram. Born in 1989, she has gathered a large following thanks to her relaxed yet elegant fashion taste. With the typical American spirit of freedom and the "maturity" of a 30-year-old lady, Tay Hage's TikTok channel is a great inspiration for office girls who don't like to confine themselves to stereotypes. Comfortable oversized blazers and shirts, tank tops or waist-nipping belts, paired with long black trousers, you can completely make use of your own wardrobe and refresh yourself with ideas from Hage.

Sometimes, she also switches it up with videos themed around recreating the styles of Hollywood stars from years past, airport fashion, dressing like your boyfriend, perfect seasonal outfits, etc.

Follow @tayhage, your style will never be boring, and you won't need to invest too much in your wardrobe to stay on trend.

2. @valeria.lipovetsky

Despite being a mother of three, Valeria Lipovetsky still manages to astonish newcomers with her age-defying looks and spontaneous dances, making it hard to believe she's over 30 and a mother of three.

Her colorful and vibrant outfits are always the most attractive, as they bring positive energy during the "dreary" times of the pandemic. Even if you can't travel or go out much in the summer, you can still feel somewhat comforted by following Valeria, wearing brightly patterned items and chilling in your own room.

Most recently, she created a 30-day outfit challenge, ensuring that once social distancing measures are relaxed and you can hit the streets, you'll be able to stroll for a whole month without worrying about outfit ideas, and even avoid duplication.

3. @stylewithmaddi

Introducing herself as a "90’s Baby with a 70’s Heart," Maddie is a loyal follower of the classic styles of the 70s from the last century. With her shiny blond curls, mesmerizing eyes, and hourglass figure, Maddie effortlessly rocks retro items like printed shirts, mini dresses, V-neck backless dresses, and not to mention accessories like headbands, turbans, and rings that have truly made her "visual explosion."

Although she only pursues a vintage style, "boredom" will never be in her dictionary or appear on her channel. It seems that love and inspiration for vintage fashion never run out in Maddie. She truly is a "transformer" with countless items and themes like 60s-70s-80s school fashion, evening parties (clubbing), camping trips, holiday outfit combinations,...

It wouldn't be surprising if you immediately wanted to buy a retro wardrobe after browsing through Maddie's TikTok channel.

4. @fashioninflux

@fashioninflux is the account to follow if you want to learn convenient styling tips or high-level transformations to make your outfits more refined and interesting.

A simple black dress can be transformed into 5 different styles, how to "hide" the bra in sexy outfits, reuse a dress with stretched straps, or how to deal with overly wide waistbands on pants or skirts are the unique tricks you will find at @fashioninflux. Just 1-2 minutes with @fashioninflux, you will immediately review your daily style and make necessary adjustments to make your outfits more perfect and attractive. A fashionista with a creative mind and a willingness to experiment is what people will say about you if you learn and apply the tips from @fashioninflux.

5. @whatverowears

If one day you are tired of "modest" outfits with neutral colors and need a new breeze for your wardrobe, note the @whatverowears account, which stands out with its ability to mix and match colors at the highest level. Veronika knows how to handle "difficult" items: neon colors and large prints, turning them into tools to express her passion for fashion.

6. @everettwilliams

@everettwilliams – A quirky fashionista. You will never know where he will take you, and how items from top fashion houses will be mixed and matched.

As a blogger in the high-end fashion segment, Everett's TikTok channel regularly updates the latest trends from fashion weeks. Even though it's just a simple entertainment video platform, he still invests heavily in his image. It's not hard to catch beautiful videos like they're cut from a fashion brand's commercial.

Frequently changing backgrounds, along with gentle movements and fun effects, luxurious outfits from top fashion houses that were once extravagant and seemingly difficult to approach, gradually become more familiar through Everett's expression. He is not afraid to share happy moments with his boyfriend, support the LGBT community, wear bold makeup, paint his nails,... to break traditional standards imposed on men.

Through the lens of @everettwilliams, you will witness an open-minded and daring fashion mindset in the modern world.

7. @imdanielsimmonds

Daniel Simmons – a guy from London with a look and fashion taste that screams "the boy next door". To describe Daniel's fashion taste, there's only one phrase: "He can be the good guy and the bad guy".

He often layers t-shirts with button-up shirts to add a rugged, masculine touch, or pairs them with hoodies and knit cardigans for a cozy feel. Or on lazy days, he just wears jeans and a tank top but still looks attractive thanks to his muscular physique.

If you're a guy in need of simple, everyday outfits that still need to attract attention in some way, @imdanielsimmonds will be a comprehensive guidebook on how to dress, as well as share some small tips to enhance your appearance more stylishly and elegantly.


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