Formal Dress to Look Charming on Mother's Day Dinner Date

Formal Dress to Look Charming on Mother's Day Dinner Date MEAN BLVD

Seeing the word "formal clothing" stated as the dress code on an invitation to a ceremony, fundraiser, or banquet may make even the most stylish woman nervous. For most women, formal clothing includes purchasing an expensive gown for each occasion to which they are invited (which is a terrifying thing for both you and your bank account). Thankfully, sticking to our carefully curated list of all-time-fave formal items for all of your forthcoming fancy soirées is an easy method to master any formal dress code without going over your budget. Continue reading to find out what formal wear is and how to obtain outfits that will make you the best-dressed attendee at your next formal occasion.

What determines a formal dress?

While exceptions can be made for specific occasions, a dress's formality is largely determined by its length and tailoring. Formal dresses are typically floor length, while midi and knee-length alternatives may be appropriate for specific occasions. You are allowed to select whichever neckline you wish (but depending on the event, ultra-plunging options might not be the best choice of formal clothing you should go for).

What exactly is a formal dress?

Formal dress is appropriate for the most prestigious occasions on your schedule. Dressing for the event and location is the key to mastering a formal appearance. There are many various sorts of formal gatherings, and what you wear to one may not be appropriate for another. A ball gown may be fine for a white-tie wedding, but it would be inappropriate for a formal business gathering. However, to avoid the hassle, we have crafted a list of classic formal dressing options for you down below, so no matter what event you are going to, you'll have the perfect piece to show up for it. Especially as Mother’s Day is coming up soon, a formal dress is a must-have to look clean, sleek and elegant to take your Mom out on a lovely dinner date.

Types of formal dresses to show up elegant on Mother’s Day dinner date

  • Formal midi dress:

Dressier midi dresses will be a suitable choice if you're attending a formal occasion. However, the style, fabric, and form will differ from casual, everyday midi dress styles. Darker hues, sequins, and even sheer materials are appropriate for a formal occasion.

  • Formal maxi dress:

Whether it's for the comfort or the flowing style, everyone loves a maxi and has to have a good, comfy, and versatile maxi!

Although most people put on a maxi dress for a casual look, if you want to go for a more formal approach, pairing your maxi with a blazer or matching it with a chic clutch are two methods to style and accessorise your appropriate outfit.

  • Formal dress with jacket:

To truly utilize your readily available closet, you can still wear the camisole dress you like the most to formal settings simply by coupling it with a chic jacket.

  • Formal dress with sleeves:

The easiest and most convenient way to form a formal look while you’re in a rush is going for any dress with long sleeves.

  • Flowy formal dress for outdoor events:

Outdoor formal may appear to be an oxymoron, but just because a ceremony takes place outside doesn't mean it's relaxed and informal. While you have greater leeway with colors and designs for sophisticated outdoor events like beachside weddings and garden gatherings, you should avoid looking too casual and avoid wearing mini dresses. Instead, pick  silky long gowns or gorgeous patterned dresses that may be accessorized with luxurious jewellery or a purse. Stick to loose, flowing styles that will keep you comfortable in the sun, and add height with wedges or block platforms to avoid sinking in the grass or beach.

Purses that go well with your formal outfit

For formal environments, your dress should be the center of your look. Thus, bags and purses in neutral tones such as beige, black, white, or cream would be ideal to make your gorgeous dress really pop.

Essential accessories to make a formal look

Similar to purses, any accessory that you choose to mix and match with your formal look should stay simple and minimalistic. A pair of plain, clean-looking gold earrings and a timeless pearl necklace make up a dynamic duo to complete your look.

Where to buy your next favorite formal dress?

Preparing the perfect look for a formal event can be frustrating, especially as stores nowadays are leaning towards fast-moving trends when it comes to women fashion items. At MEAN BLVD, with our wide range of options, from casual, comfortable fits to the most formal, modest items, you’ll surely be able to find your next “the one” dress whether it’s for going on a bonding dinner date with your Mother, or just a relaxing afternoon tea catch-up.

We hope our guide has given you some kind inspirations to look your most elegant to celebrate Mother’s Day with your loving Mom. Join our fashion journey this exciting new season by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for chicest fashion updates every week!


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