Although Lunar New Year is just over, adding a little luck to your closet to walk into this exciting new Year Of The Tiger wouldn’t hurt.

What do we think when we see the color red?

Joy, happiness, tension, or even Taylor Swift’s Grammy nominated album, you name it, the possibilities for red are endless.

So what is up on the list? We’re talking about the classy and elegant red that take over the trends in the fashion industry with their elite style. From bold outfits saturated with personality to traditional casual dresses to wear to major events, red appears to assert its presence when it is always at the top of the most desired items.

Red on red outfit - Make it a statement! Make it bold! 

It is always determined by how dark, bright, or saturated the red that a person is wearing. Full and vivid cherry red will be the red note that we will wear for dazzling ensembles with a lot of personality. Remember in “Cruella” when the main character (played by Emma Stone) strolls into the Baroness’s famed Black and White ball, wearing a fiendishly sculpted red gown inspired by Alexander McQueen and a mermaid tail that resembles a cluster of flames? That moment was definitely a core memory for the fashion industry! She totally hypnotized the whole room with her boldness, draw in attention as much as one could ever have. 

Style an elegant red outfit to embrace your femininity

Besides making you stand out, red is also one of the most flattering hues. Wearing red makes one seem more vibrant and mesmerizing, which in turn eradicates almost any flaw in the skin tone.

Red is a color that inspires and charms, making it a must-have pigment in almost every festive occasion. Furthermore, in several Asian cultures, red is associated with good fortune, growth, development, and wealth. These factors correspond to New Year's desires, therefore without any official announcement, people gather around their best red items and show up to new year parties with the hope to attract good luck as well as fortune to the family.

Have fun with different shades of red

Red is so much more than just that: it's a color that makes a statement. Every woman, in every situation, needs a different shade of red. All you have to do now is locate yours. A blue-toned red dress will brighten up your style if you shine in cool tones. A duller, more orange end of the scale will perform well and make heads turn when you enter the room if warmer tones are in your favor.

Red is a powerful color. Make a red dress the focal point of your ensemble; it's the ideal choice when you want to go all out. You can also draw attention to the red by wearing red-colored clothing and accessories. Choose flowing pieces with a basic cut for that eye-catching crimson effect.

With a new Lunar year coming up, we hope our guide to red outfits will bring some good luck into your closet this year. We wish your fashion spirit, as well as your life, health and wellbeing a successful and exciting, inspired start to be red-y for the new Year Of The Tiger. Join our fashion journey this exciting new year by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for chicest fashion updates every week!


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